Eth.Town: Battle Royale

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Hey all! Crypto Projects like Axie Infinity and especially Eth.Town calling themselves "games" has kept annoying me for the past few months. Calling collectibles with very minor and insignificant battle-features "games" is just not right in my opinion. Look at this wonderful appearance:

They're making quite some interesting claims there, though I wouldn't even dare calling them something close to a game. They're a strange trading/gambling/investing opportunity with some not-so-interesting gaming features. However, Eth.Town is on the brink of regaining the right of calling themselves a crypto-game, with the soon-to-be-released Battle Royale!


At the moment, there's not much to do. You can find information about the game and you can register names so others can't claim them, meaning you'll be able to play with the name you want. You can also join the referral link campaign. The name-claiming may be worth it, especially since you get access to the referral campaign, which may make you some extra ETH. There's also a wide variety of names still available, since not many cool names have been claimed yet and you can get them for 0.05 ETH ($10.60 at current prices). If interested, join the craze here:

Though it's really not necessary though... You can also just wait till the game release and then snatch anything that's still available. Begging people to follow your referral link is also not made for everyone :P

Future Game

Soon, the game will release however. At the site, you can find quite some information. In short, this is what will happen:

Battle Royale is a game in which there are 4 teams, each starting in their own corner of the (square-shaped) map. Across the map, many bases are laid out with 1 central base and 1 home base in each corner. Players can join any of the teams and help their team by building barracks, which costs some ETH(, which goes to the pool). Once your team starts building more barracks, the price of the barracks goes up, which means it may not be easy to hold your dominance for long, even if you have a whale-team.

The barracks can be built in any base except the center base. The home bases can host any amount of barracks, though the regular bases have specified limits. Next, the barracks automatically produce troops, till they reach a certain limit. Now you have some troops, you can send them to other bases and try to capture them. Combat is very simple: When your troops arrive at a castle, each offender kills 1 defender. If the attackers get defeated, the defender keeps the base (even if 0 defenders remain), otherwise the attackers get the base and all barracks in it are destructed. It takes some time to have your troops travel between each base, so it's definitely worth it to build barracks in regular bases instead of just the homebase.

The winning team is whoever holds the Central Base for the longest period of time. 50% of the prize pool will be divided among the amount of shares the team members hold and the other 50% is added to the prize pool of the next round.


I'm interested. I can't say for sure I'll like it when the game is released, but it's most certainly worthy of being called a game and checking it out is definitely recommended! Read more about it (with some pictures too :o) here:

Thanks for reading and have a nice day ;)


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