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in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago

I have started a NEW Mini Miner/FFA pool with my Amazing co-owner @manfromafar

We decided back when went down that it would be a great idea to give miners with less then 10TB a choice of pools instead of being stuck in a limbo state.
There are no size restrictions on this pool big or small you can join. There are some bigger changes to how payouts work on this pool compared to others, they will be listed below.

To jump start this pool @manfromafar and @thomeefl69 will be sending their miners to the pool and we will also be sending burst from the fees wallet of the mother pool to help get things off the ground. This will start the pool off with just over 160TB mining power.

Port: 8124
Reward Recipient: BURST-LBQ2-XLPT-S2S8-64ZG5
rewards: 50/50
Blocks kept for historical shares: 100 compared to the normal 50 of ninja pools
Min Payout: 250 burst or 48 hours (this will keep tx fees low, more burst for you!)
Style: .ninja
Fee: 1%
Highest Accepted Deadline: 365 days (31536000)

If you need a faucet, need help, or want more info please join the poolofd32th discord here >​

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