X Node Maturity Period Coming up for VeChain

in cryptocurrency •  3 months ago

This post is for VeChain holders. Just a friendly reminder that their X-Node Maturity Period will be resuming soon...September 1st. This means that you need to bind your mobile wallet and store all of your VET on your wallet before September 1st to qualify. This date will celebrate both the mainnet launch and 1st year anniversary of VeChain. If you already have an X node status, you can still purchase more VET until to reach the next threshold and you will qualify for the higher X node status. The important thing to remember is that after September 1st, you can never go below the minimum amount required for each X node, otherwise you forfeit your X node status...permanently.

Some of the benefits of being an X node holder, is you are eligible to receive bonus VTHOR from a separate pool for being an early bird, you will permanently generate VTHOR for each VET you hold, ICO whitelisting benefits, and future unannounced benefits to be determined. These are some pretty sweet perks for holding VEN, so be sure to get everything into your wallet and keep it there before September 1st. Good luck investors.

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