An approaching event Golos Fest 29-30 July 2017 can realize a technical picture for the Golos (russian fork of Steem)

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A few thoughts about the nearest price perspectives of the token Golos (project

(The picture is used with the permission of the author

I have to admit that I made a mistake in my prediction on the sharp pamp of Golos 15 days ago here:
Golos (russian fork of Steem) is skyrocketing right now on the record volume!
It was only a single very strong bull candle with a long tail. I revised my goals with new market data.

First of all, we have an upcoming event - a conference-festival of the platform participants in Moscow 29-30 July:

So I expect a positive reaction of the price of the Golos token in next 10 days.

Let's look at the whole history of the coin first:

A very long wedge should be soon punched. 10k is the 1st logical target, IMO.

Now let's look closer at the 15-day consolidation form:

This is a very good parabolic bottom (U-turn). I like it, so I keep a coin with the hope of an early exit upwards.

At your own luck and risk, you can join the optimists here:
Golos on Bittrex

Info about Golos coin:
Golos on Coinmarketcap

Good luck to all holders of Golos tokens, it's hard to grow in bitcoins with the growth of bitcoin itself)))


Очередной памп начался!

Как начался, так и закончился)) Пылесосят диапазон такими задергами. Надо ждать...

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