Decentralized Insurance for a Decentralizing World

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Man has always sought for a way to minimize risks and for years, insurance has always been a form of risk management.

Humans have used insurance as a coverage for properties, assets, commodities, services, health and even life.
Insurance is risk management where the risk is covered by an insurer.

From the initiation of the insurance market, it has always been about money covering for liability, damages and finincial loss. This system has fostered the large gains in profit earned by the providing end of the insurance market - the insurers, the insurance companies.

This system has also fostered large volumes of fraud by both parties.

Fraud from the side of the insuree trying to earn value of insured commodity for false damage or fraud from the side of the insurer refusing to pay insuree the value of insurance coverage for a commodity.

With all these problems and much more, insurance still remains an important and inevitable part of businesses and daily life. Consumers still need to be protected from liability, health problems, death, financial loss and damages.

This is why SafeInsure seeks to profer a solution to the current flaws in the insurance market - from insurance fraud to security, large expenses to centralization, SafeInsure has it covered.


SafeInsure is an insurance marketplace built on a decentralized blockchain.
The blockchain has and is changing the way of life in almost every sector - tending from centralized systems towards decentralization.
The insurance market is not an exception.

SafeInsure has utilized the technological power of the blockchain to create a decentralized insurance marketplace.

With the blockchain technology SafeInsure has eliminated the flaws that plaque the current insurance system. Imagine democracy in insurance where you have the say on what you want insured, the terms of the insurance, and even better getting to choose who insures you in a limitless marketplace place of insurance providers.

SafeInsure eliminates third parties and intermediraries who are usually entitled to a huge chunk of insurance premiers thus reducing considerably the cost of purchasing insurance. With intemediaries eliminated, insurees can pay directly to insurers the insurance costs without paying the "middle-man" fees.

In a bid to further reduce costs as well, SafeInsure has a feature that allows user to create their own personalized insurance policies and terms. This is probably the best feature of SafeInsure. The consumers create a term for their insurance chosing what it covers, how it is covered and who covers it. Consumers can now put up their insurance terms in the marketplace of thousands of insurance providers.

This puts power directly back in the hands of the consumer. The consumer chooses all the terms concerning the insurance and better still gets to select what provider covers it out of infinite possibilities.

With this, consumers will only pay for absolutely what they want the insurance to cover cutting out unneccessary costs of purchasing insurance packages.

Why buy a jar of cookies when you only need two?

In terms of security, SafeInsure has it covered as well.

SafeInsure utilizes decentralized masternodes which adds a layer of security on transactions performed on this decentralized marketplace. This makes all transactions made secure, transparent and fraud free. Masternodes also increas transactions speeds considerably allowing transactions to be performed in a jiffy.

Speaking of transactions, all transactions made of the SafeInsure Market place are performed with SINS currency.

This currency is not only used as a means of transaction on the network but also used as incentives for the insurance companies and masternodes operators.

The masternode operators being consumers, users, companies or any party ike you and I who run the SafeInsure servers with a certain amount of staked SINS. The amount of incentives earned is determined by the amount of staked SINS and these operators also possess governing rights in running the network.

The good news is, you can purchase the SINS currncy right away on CREX24 and CryptoBridge exchanges. You can also figure out yourself how to set up a masternode right below.

You can set up your masternode now.
Mastenode SETUP Guide

Masternode Info and Statistics

So what are you waiting for?

Are you a business ownwer or just a peron looking to insure some property or health, hop on to SafeInsure and get started. You wont regret you did.

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