SafeInsure Project Writing Contest - $650 in prizes

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How It Works

SafeInsure Team has decided to run a writing contest and we have $650 in prizes 

Prize distribution

  • 1st place - $80
  • 2nd place - $70 
  • 3rd place - $60 
  • 4th place - $50 
  • 5th place - $45 
  • 6th place - $40 
  • 7th place - $35 
  • 8th place - $30 
  • 9th place - $25 
  • 10th place - $20 
  • 11th-24th place - $15 each

All prizes will be paid in BTC.

Make sure that you read all the info provided in this post in order about how this contest work and what you must do in order to make a valid submision

Starting date: 06-Nov-2018 12:00 AM GMT

End date: 15-Nov-2018 12:00 AM GMT 

End date: 10-Dec-2018 12:00 AM GMT 

Due to the fact that we have received many requests to extend the contest, we decided to extend it until 10th of December. This decision was taken in order to be sure that the contest will reach it's objective and everybody will have enough time to study, research and write an article in order to participate.

In order to participate write an article with min 350 words about SafeInsure Project and publish it on the crypto section.

 SafeInsure Project outlines: 

 - Safeinsure is a decentralized insurance marketplace bringing equitable  price discovery and global access to insurance policy shoppers  worldwide. SafeInsure puts consumer power back in your hands with an  honest, accountable, and democratic insurance marketplace on the  blockchain.  

 - SINS Coin was among few crypto projects that was launched directly on  exchange without any presale, private sale or ico. It also has one of  the most outstanding grow hitting checkpoints after checkpoints. It was  the fastest coin listed on CMC and on all major coins statistiscs  websites. The team also put a lot of effort to bring the coin on all  major shared masternodes websites, staking pools and instat marstenodes. 

 Other resources SafeInsure.IO /  SafeInsure WhitePaper /  SafeInsure Twitter /  SafeInsure Facebook 

How to submit your article for judging

1) At the end of the article you must include the following (replace with your info where need it):

 - BTC address: xxx-your_btc_address_for_payment-xxx

 - Link to this article

 - The link of your social share for Social Bonus  

2) After you published your article complete and submit the form on our website (link below)

Writing Contest Submision form

3) Replay to this post with the link of your article

4) Resteem this post


- The article must be in English.
- The article must be at least 350 words in length.
- 80% unique content - Duplicate content and text spinners are not allowed.
- Don't use text from other sources without quoting it.
- The content of the article must be relevant and helpful to the project and the readers.

How we pick the winners

We created a judging team that will evaluate each article and each member will give a vote based on his expertise and the established criteria. The winners will be the top 24 based on the number of points.

 $5 Social Media Bonus 

Winners will receive an extra $5 for sharing the article on their Twitter or Facebook account. In order to receive the bonus add the link of your social where you promoted the article at the end of the text. 


Today's date is 13th 😱 , can't believe I forgot to do this thing. Oh my, am coming through with this soon.

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You can submit your article. The contest was extended until 10th of December

How do I trust an account that is at 25 reputation and isn't yet popular with contest.
I might still give it a try though, I will also advice you pay in steem or sbd not bitcoin for transparency purpose.

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because if you are good at understanding and you know how to investigate and know about cryptocurrencies you do a study that is a new project! and you can go to their markets and see the great movement of this project!

My participation!

BTC address: 3EFLT5JbTFGZ8Ahe8txH5HADfovFWaQacd

Social Bonus:

let's go steemians! cheer up this project is new and it is amazing! The insurance policies have reached the blockchain technology! we can also win in their masternodes! here I leave the discord of the project to see their great community

I would like to create a post but I must try to trust you that you pay for post.

We can guarantee you that all winners will receive their prizes. We can't play with this.

Here is mine
Social bonus

Btc address : 19RuujXpmsz7T22aXNeA9kCVujd531U15k

I saw this post just a few hours ago and as 7 days had passed, I couldn't resteem it. Hope that doesn't affect my participation.

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