Etheremon Announces Trading/Battle Updates, Eliminates Ponzi Structure, and Rewards Early Adopters

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Etheremon gets a lot better!

I wrote my initial impressions of Etheremon below. Feel free to check it out to learn about the newest CryptoCollectible game to hit the Ethereum blockchain.

Now, my initial impressions of Etheremon was that it was an innovative game that showed great promise as long as it could deviate away from the pyramid/ponzi structure it's been criticized of and focus on the elements that are intended to make Etheremon special. (and fortunately, it seems that this is in the pipeline)

In the new update Gen 0 Etheremon will no longer be able to earn dividend payments. The focus of the game will shift away from a pyramid structure reinforced by dividend payments and instead promote features including trading, evolving, and battling with cheaper monsters to engage user onboarding.

Developers updates can be found in detail below:


Etheremon is a great project. Can't wait until more people catch on. It's like CryptoKitties but with pokemon!

Yes! I really hope the devs will handle inflation better than the CK devs.

thanks for upvot to

I hear Steem will be implementing Steem Monsters. I am definitely looking forward to that because it will bring new people to the platform.

Really?! That's super exciting to hear. I will defintely look into it. Thanks for the info.

Excellent, thanks for taking the time to dig up the link!

I think we'll see a lot more games come and go within the next months after the big sucess of the cryptokitties. Etheremons are definitely cooler already :)

Totally! Each new game will build upon innovations from the predecessors. I wonder if we'll see adoption from major game companies to adapt the "CryptoCollectible" model to their existing IP. For example, blockchain based "Hearthstone" from Blizzard Entertainment or Magic would be huge for the adoption of crypto.

In case Blizzard moves into Crypto that would bring a huge community in at the same time. That´d be simply awesome. Anyways I guess we won´t see it happening within 2018 as it´s all still in the early stages but 2019 could be the time for the big players to move in :)

one of the biggest opportunities since the invention of the internet itself.... great times to be around....

it is helpful and cryptocurriencies are the future, thanks.

Etheremon is a great project. Can't wait until more people catch on. It's like it but with pokemon!

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