Steem Monsters! Coming soon to a blockchain near you...

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20141003__Mermaid (1).png


Will your summoners and their monsters prevail in the tournament? Will your strategy pay off? Will you choose, fight, and trade your way to the top? More to come in various installments to your local neighborhood blockchain.


A nice game is on the way! Excited

Sounds interesting, following :)

It sounds and looks so cool! Where will we find more details about this game?

OMG OMG OMG I want to beta this so hard!!!!!1111

Hey. What are you planning, here?

i like dese much better than cryptokitties. gragon ftw! tho julia made a wicked cool slothicorn. still hoping for a non pansy crypto puppy or monster furry.

Bad ass crypto monsters stomping all over the old world of centralised things.

These look way cooler than the kitties! I got one of those damn cats too, but this looks like more fun

the kitties look boring and vanilla. i liike something with a bit a snazz.

The art style reminds me of the Shantae games

This would be cool as hell!

hey I love this post and you got from me upvote

Really cool! I can’t wait😊

Yes... but can they breed?

yes, this is the interesting question. if i breed a flying slothicorn with a furry dragon, or a ninja voodoo shaman with a cryptopuppy, which category do they fall into?

That mermaid is amazing...I would love to see some good quality fantasy gaming on a blockchain that can handle the explosion it would cause! I enjoy the collecting of characters and objects and earning xp to level up to newer and more evolved versions of the artwork.

@aggroed Sounds like some fun pack coming soon :)

Wow great graphics @aggroed ! I love it! This is a great Ad. Resteemed!

What is this? Some sort of video game?

Take all of my Steem ahaha I want the dragon!!!!

We get to fight them on the blockchain?

This is great news. Blockchain is the best for mining. Thanks for share

This looks good... Definetly better than kitties
(I wish i had one kitties...)

You better not be pulling my leg, this is amazing! I't sway to far from April...


I want these!

wow great i will fight...

Any idea when it comes out to play? Is it a tamagotchi or a pokemon style game?

Is this for real or fake news

I can't to see how these are going to turn out


One o these days, I hope to have the time to invest in Minnows Support, learn a thing or two, to bring to my #improv friends. Stay blessed @Aggroed!

I am really looking forward to this. Thanks for everything!

I'm in as soon as this launches. 100% Support.

So steem is going to be bigger than crypto kitties?
Love your radio talks my friend, you will see me more and more!!!


Please include a Llamacorn too!! So we can steal the thunder (and rainbows) from Ethereum! They will not be able to stomach it :)

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Yes That is What we Need Unleash the Monsters guys !!! Way to go!!!

Looks like fun!

the images are tough and scary

How do i get steem monsters?
And what do i use dem for?

Can't wait.

really like the artwork you have here.

That sounds awsome @aggroed!! :D
BTW did u draw this monsters?? :)

Ha, this is going to be epic! I love the art designs in this post! Serge is an excellent artist! Send me a link to your radio talk show, if you don't mind. I want to check it out also!! Have a great evening, friend!!

Nintendo needs to get on the ball and make their own crypto!

Will be interesting to see how steem handles a game like this.. and I might actually be able to afford to play this one. : p


que genial me encantan tus diseños de personajes

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Will there be Slothicorns?

there already are slothicorns

Interesting artwork, would be cool to see this take flight!

Where can I find more details?

This sounds interesting. Where can I find more details about it?

This is cryptokitties v2?? Only on steemit

These look f***ing wicked. Mass props, love that blue dragon!!

Hello, great work, i liked your post and reward it with upvote.

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Love the line work @aggroed, Black Mage character is my favourite from the above!

Check out a game called Kingdom Rush for some more art/mechanics inspiration \m/

I feel like this is going to be huge. I hope We find out more information soon!!

I will have Sophia for my wife, cryptokittties for my pets and these for my dreams. I am all set.

5 months later and you really did it gratulation !
this week on Steemit was totally dominated by steemmonsters :)

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