Is Bitcoin A Scam?

in cryptocurrency •  3 months ago


The "Wolf of Wall Street" (Jordan Belfort) has called Bitcoin a scam.

We examine claims that Bitcoin is anonymous and that its primary purpose is money laundering.

Is it true that Central Banks will not allow Bitcoin and that they "do not want it?"

Good article debunking crypto as a "scam" by Hans Hauge from Seeking Alpha, link below.

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To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Most likely

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Jordan belfort is maybe a rich man, but he doesn't have his head straight either xD. So i wouldn't really make a point of what he says haha!


Totally agree. Funny how they brought him out of rehab just to talk negatively on BTC.

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I think it's a stupid comment from Jordan Belfort. Everyone knows how much of a crook he was and scammed a lot of people.

Can't really call out Bitcoin, when his morals are extremely questionable.