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Good day all Steemians

It has never been easier to become a millionaire. If you have patience, the will to succeed and able to put fear and greed aside, you are bound for success with most things in life, but today it's about cryptocurrencies.

I want to give you 5 cryptos that will potentially make you a millionaire in the next 3 years. Although there are hundreds of cryptos that has big potential, it's necessary to make your pick. To buy in to many coins will stretch your capital too thin. Diversifying is essential but diversifying too much is a killer.

In no specific order I will name the coins that are bound to make you filthy rich if you are patient and buying in the dips (!!!PLEASE SEE MY COMBO STRATEGY BLOG AND UPVOTE!!!):

1. Bitcoin (I personally like trading bitcoin on the short term to invest the proceeds. To reach $10000 in next 3 years)

2. Stratis (Big potential and currently at buying levels. Price target of $100 in the next 3 years)

3. Neo/Antshares ( Potential to go to $150 to $200 in the next 3 years, maybe even higher)

4. Safe Exchange Coin (This coin has massive potential just like the coin at no. 5, with a potential price target of $1 in 3 years)

5. Bitquence (Also massive potential with a target price of $10 in the next 3 years)

These are my picks, although coins like Library credits, Sia coin and Iconomy have great potential, the 5 above is my Million Dollar picks. Try and accumulate as much as possible of these coins and hold on for dear life. When I buy these coins at a specific price I project the future potential price and multiply it with the amount of coins bought now. This gives me a great feeling and makes me stay focused. For example: I bought 100 000 Safe Exchange Coins at $0.01 = $1000 investment with potential return of $100 000 return in 3 years. Isn't that a great way to look at it?

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Happy trading/investing



Thanks for sharing.
The key to becoming successful with crypto currency is to definitely be patient.

Surprised no mention of Ripple..

Hi. Thanks for the reply. Like I said there are many coins with big potential but the ones mentioned are the ones I look at. Cheers

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