Musicoin - A Roadmap

Hi All -
Musicoin has released it's new roadmap, aiming to empower and enrich independent musicians. Take a look at what they're planning to do!



i agree that musicoin is a good platform to provide a healthy ecosystem for musicians to make profit, and protect them in the copyright aspect. this roadmap really showed a good future of musicoin. hopefully i will gain the trust from the musicians and the users. i wish it a great success. lets wait and see.

Great post! I read the whole thing and it is exciting news indeed! UBI for musicians will be fabulous and the price is right for fans.

100% upvote, resteem and a tweet

This is an interesting find, although I am a bit skeptical. I see so many articles and post on Steemit that don't deserve to be called articles. It gets harder and harder to sift through the trash before you find something of value. The fact that it has been upvoted is deceiving because that doesn't always signify quality content. I can't imagine what every garage band user wanna be will produce in terms of content on a similar platform. However, as a professional musician I am a bit biased in that respect. I will be watching this.

Likewise - I see far too much speculation and crypto-mania and not enough compelling original content. I am a media composer primarily, and my main hope for musicoin is partnerships with record labels and established musicians. As to your garageband user comment - There's gotta be some level of credibility - but - other platforms like soundcloud and bandcamp are not filtering their content for quality either... they are providing a service.

I hate to beat on GarageBand as lots of people want to live the dream, but they want to do it without the work. Any level of achievement in playing, songwriting, producing etc. doesn't come easy. It takes a lot of dedication. If you like jazz you can check out my site

The "quality" aspect exists across every single platform that is free to access. Digital releases have lowered the bar for musicians to enter the market, which means finding objective and subjective quality is going to be harder.
Copyright (a moving target today) is an issue that hasn't been addressed on Musicoin yet, as far as I can see. I'm optimistic for its possibilities and would like to see one-step-at-a-time play out. Get the streaming running nicely, UX and build a content base.. move up from there......

Music blockchain, Sweet! Thanks for posting!

really? we have a cryptocurrency now for music, great post, glad to see that cryptocurrency is getting into unique uses of their blockchain

There are multiple - musicoin, audiocoin, voise...

Solving specific problems in the music industry. There are SO MANY! Crypto can solve not just finance.

fantastic resteemed

Wow, this one could have some success. The name is good, but now it all depends on the people behind it and how they will manage their coin. I would invest in it.
Did you invest in Musicoin?