Is binance the best cryptocurrency exchange?

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It depends what you would consider as "the best' , that's something subjective. Personally i use binance for almost al my trades. I also use trust wallet by binance to store my erc20 tokens. I'm a happy customer and binance is definitely in my top 3 best exchanges.

Things i like about binance:

  • You can trade a lot of different cryptocurrency on binance. I personally don't know of any exchange that has such big listing of different cryptocurrency that you can trade.
  • Very high performance and liquidity on the exchange which provides you with a good trading experience.
  • Support in different languages and you can access the exchange on different type of devices. They have a website application and mobile app for your smartphone.
  • Safety Stability: Multi-tier & multi-cluster system architecture
  • Fees are pretty low, you pay a 0.1% trading fee to make transactions. Deposits are free and withdrawal fees are regularly adjusted according to blockchain conditions. 

What i don't like about binance:

There is not much i dislike about binance to be honest but if there is one thing i don't like it's that you can't short cryptocurrency. You can only go long or buy stablecoins. I never understood why they don't allow shorting. 

I would always like it when they add more coins and lower their fees. But fees are already low and they already support a lot of coins so it's not something that's really necessary.  

You can open an account or get more information here:


Of course there is a very good exchange, thanks very much for sharing.

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you're welcome

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