Another great chapter!

The news seems to affect crypto prices even more than the regular stock market but that is to be expected with very few institutional investors in the marketplace yet.

Once we get more of those I think things may change as we will have the classic case of the news already being factored into the prices by the time we get to see it!

Absolutely, that's probably why it's so volatile at the moment but with regulation being imposed this year, I think a few more institutional investors will come in to it which would cause some stability. Some of the crypto projects are starting to de-couple from Bitcoin as well which bodes well. This is developing itself for mass adoption and scalability, it just might take a few years yet.

Oh and thanks for the continued support on this series!

I love the way it's being adopted and adapted all over the place! Regulation is a good thing in this instance as it removes the uncertainty which is what is needed for mass adoption. It's great to be in so early!

Absolutely! Wish I was in earlier as I heard about Bitcoin in 2014 but didn't do anything about it as it was even more alien to me than it is now. There was a rapper - 50 cent - who smashed it with Bitcoin - smart lad :)

If I'm not mistaken he went full-on bankrupt for a couple of year until he found out that some albums were sold on bitcoin when it was really low and now he's a millionaire again. That was good day for the man, for sure.

Yea that's pretty much what happened! Should have solved any debt problems he may have had :D

Great run down! Thanks for taking time to do this man it will help many people out! Brill! :)

You're welcome man and thanks for the support on the series!

Ihink the rate of posting will slow down a little bit as I want to do thorough research on the platforms first before posting about them and it's likely each platform will have a couple of posts about them as they are going to be brand new concepts to a lot of people!

Koolness! Thanks dude! I feel quite alot of people and artist new to crypto and crypto music based platforms feel overwhelmed by the steep learning curve and complexity and so shy away and miss out, which is a real shame i hope your articles will help some overcome there fears man!

That's what this series is all about, breaking down that barrier of overwhelm into little nuggets that people will find useful.

It is a shame they are missing out at the moment but when these projects reach a "critical mass" then I think the flood gates will open :)

Agreed man and hopefully the technology and new intergations will become easier to use for everyone, enabling more to join this kewl crypto sea! :)

I'm sure they will my friend, I'm sure they will. If these platforms can develop a system where you click "withdraw" and it pays directly in to your bank account whilst doing all the exchange work under the hood, that would be the winner for me.

Yeh that would be a great idea and certainly open the flood gates to many many more people and artist! Have a top evening man! :D

You too Mr Fungus! Pleasure chatting with you, catch you soon :)

Oh man, oh man! BRACE YOURSELVES! It's about to start! ;)

Haha, yea man! The real Bluffer's Guide is about to begin, the last 6 chapters were just the warm-up!

Thank you very much Nick, real awesome and bright piece of information!

Thank you Adam! I'm pleased you enjoyed it and learnt something new. I appreciate the continued support on it as well!

Thank you very much
Nick, real awesome and bright piece
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Haha, I have seen this haikubot before - it's pretty funny, I had to look up what haiku was but yea, pointless bot really - unless it is designed to get people to read up on haiku :D