Are Cryptocurrencies Self-Sustainable?

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According to, 1620 kinds of the cryptocurrencies in total are being traded as of today. The market capitalization is US$280 trillion.

Having said it, I have to ask a very simple and fundamental question to cryptocurrency enthusiasts: Are they self-sustainable? Can anyone answer?

There was a paper about self-destructiveness of the cryptocurrencies with the “long chain” rule. (

I am afraid the self-destructiveness applies not only to the ones with the long-chain rule but also to most of them simply because they are NOT designed to be self-sustainable. (I am almost certain that none of them are not.)

Now we at EcoVerse team is designing a cryptocurrency platform with self-sustainability. The whitepaper will be released soon.

Stay tuned!


cryptocurrencies' self-destructiveness by long chain-rule,
worth notice.

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

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Arguments of the article you presented seem to be interesting, including "the longest chain rule."

Hello Albert, stay tuned. We will bring a cryptocurrency ecosystem that is self-sustainable.

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