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RE: NEO/BTC current chart with Fib-retracement, risk reward and optimal trade entry

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Quick note your first link goes to OmiseGO chart not NEO. Just a friendly heads up

So it's funny you brought this chart up because this was EXACTLY what I was doing last night.

I mean yeah $15/neo is awesome (I got in at $8.50 awhile ago so I'm still happy) but I wanted to see what the chart looked like. It honestly looks like a great buying opportunity right now for NEO.

I still think there is a lot of hesitation out there from people because of the chinese issue so it might continue to drive price down despite the fact the chart looks like it should go in the other direction.

Who knows, but either way I'd image if you get in now or hold off till all the FUD completely stops you probably won't regret it 12 months from now. 👍


Mate thank you for that!!! I appreciate that correction... I was looking at OMG prior and that chart well, theres no retracement there so now chart just yet, its an awesome looking chart none the less :) !!
And yes NEO, I love seeing news like this, because the only negative it will do IMO, is keep the price lower for a little longer. I mean yeah sure, its dropping but thats just a correction. After a little stability well see it rise again then boom :D Excellent thoughts on not getting in later, who knows where it will be in a year from now, I am holding faith in that it will be alot higher than now :D

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