Overstock CEO talks Steemit, Poverty, and The Blockchain

in cryptocurrency •  9 months ago

One of the most frustrating things about the mainstream is people pinning the success of this revolution on the price of bitcoin.

They don't understand just how far-reaching the implications of the blockchain are.

So after watching the testimony of Rep. Brad Sherman, I decided to post this interview with Patrick Byrne of Overstock.

It was recorded at the Satoshi Roundtable, where he was planning a world-changing mission that he's dedicating the next five years of his life to before retiring.

To watch the video, tap on the image above or visit my DTube page here: https://d.tube/#!/v/neilstrauss/wb01vq8a

The video above is intended as accompaniment only to the main interview: https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@neilstrauss/how-the-blockchain-can-end-world-poverty

This is my first time using DTube, so it's been an adventure. For future posts, I will place the article body in the DTube description.

Enjoy the interview, as well as these short scenes for context, and let me know your thoughts.

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The Blockchain has already helped me pay my tuition fee for my master degree.


One down, 766 million to go...

HIGHLY rEsteemed!

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Your post is very much appreciated, thanks you

I think it can be used to reduce, not eliminate, poverty. If you look at Financial Inclusion in rural settlements with constrained Internet connectivity, a distributed ledger for financial inclusion mobile applications would empower and connect the rural settlers.


Agreed, and that's part of the plan from what I understand. I think sometimes to really commit to what you're doing, you have to believe the impact will be greater than what it is. That said, I'm totally good with reduce, especially drastically reduce.

Wow, never new that about Patrick Byrne, what a guy

Thanks for sharing, Neil!

Indeed the blockchain technology can help create a better world. It can serve true justice on so many levels and promote freedom of information. Needless to say it could definitely end world poverty as pointed out.


I've already started reading! Thanks!

Hello neilstrauss!

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Hey, Neil! Good to see you back on Steemit! Um... I think in the first sentence you meant "public", not "pubic"?

100 % agree, It is changing the lives of many, and it will continue to so.

One of the most frustrating things about the mainstream is people pinning the success of this revolution on the price of bitcoin.

Yes, yes, yes. For most people, ​the revolution is to have yet another object for speculation and making a quick profit it seems.