ionomy Becomes a Multi-Asset Crypto Hub

The upgrade delivers a new high-speed exchange, masternode hosting, and online wallets for cryptocurrency and gaming assets.

Seychelles — October 8, 2018 — The ionomy platform 3.0 upgrade transforms into a hub for multi-asset cryptocurrency and gaming asset management. In addition to hosting Bitcoin and ION, the platform will integrate a growing number of gaming assets, including in-game currencies and other tokens on the ION blockchain. Additionally, ionomy now supports a growing number of cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin (LTC) and masternode coins like Dash and PIVX.

The new ionomy also offers powerful new functions. Traders gain access to a new ultrafast multi-asset exchange. Masternode operators gain robust node hosting services. Gamers can continue to manage their tournament winnings and in-game assets; and game developers can easily leverage ionomy’s expanded suite of tools to incentivize gameplay with crypto-assets. Together, these new features and functions make ionomy a perfect home for crypto and gaming asset management.

New assets.

With version 3.0, supports major cryptoassets. Account holders get free, securely-hosted, online wallets for each asset on the platform starting with ION, Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH, PIVX, and ATOMs. Other coins and tokens will be added by community vote.

Alchemy: the Multi-Asset Exchange.

ionomy introduces the Alchemy multi-asset exchange, built in partnership with a major trade engine developer for an expanding range of trading pairs. Trade assets at light speed, including cryptocurrencies like ION, BTC, LTC, DASH, and PIVX, as well as tokens like Dark Matter (XDM) and the ATOM token, with gaming tokens on the near horizon. Subscribers can even trade a newly-created asset consisting of fractional portions of masternodes, called Sharenodes (more on those below). To top it off, a powerful API is available for advanced traders who need direct access to markets and account data.

Next-Gen Masternode Hosting.

Users can now choose between on-site masternodes and remote-activated masternode services. On-site masternode hosting offers the ultimate in convenience, with ionomy assuming all aspects of masternode management. Remote-activated masternode hosting allows the customer to retain full control of their private keys and control masternode operation while outsourcing server management to ionomy. Masternode hosting services are available for ION and PIVX. Services for DASH and others will follow.

Introducing Sharenodes — the flexible way to masternode.

With Sharenodes, subscribers can earn masternode rewards without a lot of money. Accumulate fractional shares and receive daily payments proportional to the pool of masternode rewards. ionomy supports Sharenodes for ION, DASH, and PIVX, with more to come.

About ionomy: The Business of Fun

ionomy’s mission is to facilitate synergies between cryptocurrency and digital games. ionomy achieves this by developing gaming and financial infrastructure. The ionomy PWR-GRD helps game developers easily integrate blockchain technology to make their games better and more fun. ionomy’s web platform offers tools and services including an ultrafast exchange, next-gen masternode hosting, and Sharenode innovation. is the central meeting place that brings together cryptoasset commerce, social game play, and the game developer community. New platform goes live October 9, 4pm UTC. Register now for free web wallets.

Register now for free web wallets at


I really like ION and what they are doing. Their new platform has an exchange now with ION,DASH,PIVX and LTC. I am contacting them to see about adding Steem to their new exchange.

I think gaming is where crypto is going to really take off

Thank you for this info! It is helpful.

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Very nice content.. thank you for sharing

True. Deep information.

cryptocurrency and digital games are a good couple. Better gaming and financial stability are the best thing about ION.

There is a lot of risks involved especially for businesses as well as tax implications based on the country you live in.

Without a doubt, it is the currency of the future.

Oh yes! Great concept for the near future.

Looks good. Will give it a try.

I think this is very good for gaming...

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