Caution Censorship Ahead! R/litecoin

One of the many great things Steemit has is censorship resistance. Unfortunately, other sites like Reddit, don't have that feature.

Today a friend discovered that R/litecoin is censoring criticism of the coin as well as anyone pointing out censorship. It's terribly disappointing as I've used that a source of information and it influenced my decision to purchase litecoin.

Please be careful not to depend on that sub for information in the future! Come have open discussion here on Steemit instead!


All payouts declined for this post, please re-steem to alert others to censorship.


So they're using the same strategy and tactics as blockstream core to get control over litecoin. Big blockers were right when they say Charlie Lee is a blockstream shill.

Just stumbled on this somehow...

I like using Litecoin for transferring money around because of the low fees, but this is troubling.

Is the reddit sub moderated by people behind LTC, or just by enthusiasts?

If it's the latter? Then I'm not so worried. :-)

One mod clearly states they are an LTC developer, I don't know about the others. After witnessing the absurd propaganda machine r/bitcoin has become I'd done. I sold my Litecoin and used it to buy ETH and BCH.

Hmm that's troubling then. Yeah! I was reading a lot about that on here recently, and also on @crypt0's news channel. Lots of shady tactics being used there by the sounds of it.

Shame to see Litecoin going a similar route. I'm not currently holding any either though, but I like it a lot as a coin.

well never ever use reddit but i guess if i know someone will convey the message for sure :) Thanks for telling about it

They are digging their own grave then my friend...

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I followed you

I will alert some indivuals to the best of my knowlege , we all need to be very careful in this matter . And the person to spread the news will always be given the most blessings for helping others . God bless

Run as you may! You cannot escape...the Almighty Bunghole!