Star Trek Meets Crypto The Sequel | Star Trek DeepOnion Destination Airdrop

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Hello DTube and Steemians!

Today I have another cryptocurrency video for you. But this one is a little different. :) This is the sequel to the short film I posted a few weeks ago. The premise is a short fan fiction sci-fi film about Cryptocurrency and Star Trek. I am a bit of a sci-fi Star Wars and Star Trek nerd, so thought it would be really fun to continue the story of The Captain and the Robot. It was really fun to use some of the avatars/people in the DeepOnion community in this film, and it was fun to act in it. I wrote the script, filmed it, and did all the editing and effects myself. It took roughly 80 hours this time to make start to finish. Did I go a bit overboard? No this is not a true Star Trek fan film, but lets not split hairs shall we? Are you ready? Have some popcorn? Sit back relax and enjoy the video. :)

First Short Film in the series can be found here:

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Let me know if you are a Star Trek/Sci-Fi fan in the comments below! :)

*Shot on my Canon 70D with a Canon 28mm 1.8 lens, Sony Lav mic. Edited on Adobe Premiere and Visual Effects done in After Effects.

*Images came from Pixabay, music is royalty free music. Robot is free to use from the Adobe Character Animator Team.

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Thank you!

this is a nice always written good blog..i alwayslike your blog..

Very nice. I like your writing. I want to read more from you.


Oh, man. That's just too much fun! Great job.

And much more doggy friendly. He hardly even woke up with the random dog barks :) I'm glad to see doge survived his wound.

Thanks Matt. That's an impressive piece of work.


hahaha thanks so much @bigtom! :) glad you liked it! and yes definitely more doggy friendly. Yes that little Doge will definitely live to bite off more heads. LOL You are welcome man, and thank you again. :)

Wow!!! I am so impressed with the quality that you are able to produce this at. The video flows perfectly. Such a hilarious video. I wish I could create something like this. Great job my friend.


Thank you so much man! :) Such a great compliment. I really appreciate it. :)

That was crazy when the dog bit that dudes head off. Amazing work here Matt. Quality was outstanding. It’s funny how the robot can only say Deep Onion yet too understand what he’s communicating. If I could give videos ratings this one would receive 10 stars ⭐️

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Thank you so much Ken!! :) That means a lot! hehehe yeah that Robot. My idea came from "I am Groot" lol

The movie is amazing, it's clear that you spent a lot of time creating it. This kind of videos should be in trending page. A lot of fun watching it. It's just like a real movie, you are an awesome producer. I'm happy that ripple lost the battle, I lost with them about $1000 trading in 2017.

☼ Deapopinion to the moon ! lol ☺ ☼


Well thank you!! Yeah I wish it was on the trending page! LOL And it was a heck of a lot of time making it. I am so glad you enjoyed it. hahaha good ole Ripple. I spent lots on them. One of my first purchases was them, back in late December, and I kept buying in early January. LOL