Bitcoin Procedure

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Bitcoin transactions are either peer-to-peer or customer-to-customer's computer.

It does not go through a central necropolis or it has no controlling organization to control it. All #Bitcoin processes are completed through an open source software online. Anyone can generate bitcoin by bitcoin miner. The process of generating bitcoin is always predictable and limited. As soon as Bitcoin is produced it is stored in the customer's digital wallet. If this reserved bitcane is sent to the account by the customer, then a separate electronic signature for this transaction is created which is monitored by other miners and stored securely but securely within the network. At the same time the customers are updated to the current laser central database. Buying a product with Bitcoin can be sent to the vendor's account and the seller can buy the product again with that bitcake, while on the other hand, the same amount of bitcoin is reduced from the buyer's laser. After every four years, the total number of Bitcoin is rescheduled so that it can be adjusted with the real currency.

Bitcoin is considered as futures money.

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