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Never leave your crypto on exchanges, buy or sell what you need to and move it somewhere where you control your keys.

Security is the most important thing if you hold any crypto, make sure you have everything sealed tight, change your passwords and make them more complex to break, buy Internet Security software, the best money you will ever spend on.

If you earned any kind of big money that you would of never earned in real life that fast, sell at least half without any regrets, markets do not care how you feel about your holdings, you shouldn't either, take your profits out, diversify and you will have a big smile on your face.

You see I failed in all of those things mentioned, now I'm paying the price of being careless and easy going, when it comes to crypto you need to have your asshole clinched at all times. Let's see how 2019 will turn out to be, 10 year anniversary for Bitcoin should be interesting.


Steem on the other hand had it's share of colossal fuckups, those highs we've seen last year from here seem unobtainable again, it seems that everything went bad, we have a leading team that failed with their business model, no marketing, no income other than selling their premined Steem. They need to turn this around big time, but I'm not convinced they have it in them to accomplish anything instead of fucking up even more.

I'm still here because of the community that is still fighting a good fight willing to make something from this blockchain. I'm still here because I use Steem Blockchain every day. I'm still here because I enjoy playing Steem Monsters, I enjoy using Busy, I'm using other tools like Steem Voter and SmartSteem. These are all very cool things you can use every day on Steem. I will still use them if the price of Steem is 0.05$ or 50$ in 2019. I hope you will too.

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I like that everyone in this community share their experiences which they received in 2018.


It is very cathartic to do so.

I’ll be around for sure regardless of price. It has always been about the people and the communities. Besides right now perfect time to post and just build. Cheers to 2019 being an amazing year!


We are good I think, last bear market we sticked around, I see no reason why we shouldn't do it again. Cheers!

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