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If your looking to make some substantial returns, take a look at HUSH. This coin has been rebranded from ZDASH. Yes you may think that this coin can just be another alt coin in the market but lets not dismiss it.

As I'm writing this article, let me pass some wisdom. If you haven't notice the CryptoCurrency Market Cap has nearly doubled in 2 weeks time. Just last week , the cryptocurrency market was sitting at $42 Billion, fast forward to today, we're now approaching $71 Billion.

As long as this market stays on a RAGING BULL RUN, you cannot discredit any of the alt coins in the market. I will just like to share with you a brief history on how I discovered the "DIAMOND IN THE RUFF" investment I've made this year. Im talking about ZCLASSIC (ZCL).

Ive purchased this coin when it was sitting around .54 cents. Im proud to say I was able to sell this coin at $10.60, ROI ( Return on Invesmtent) of 1,862%.

How Did I Discover this investment:

Low Market Cap of : $354,000

  • ZCL (Zclassic) This was appealing to me, this coin had some nice tech behind it, it was a fork of ZCASH , a coin setting in the top 10 in market cap. Zclassic is operating the same protocol but with no miners fee of 20% and has some additional benefits that ZCASH did not offer.

  • HUSH is sitting at $411,000 in market cap. It also operates the ZCASH protocol. Its tech development is questionable, however the prospects for alt coins remains substantial. I couldn't hold back from sharing this insight with you.

All alt coins right now are hitting a market cap of atleast $1 Million dollars . This coin can easily double from its current price of $.37 cents.

This is a coin that I strongly feel confident about. As long as this market continues to grow!

Happy Investing.


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I loaded up on zclassic a couple of months ago in anticipation for Zen coin. I have not sold by zclassic because I like zclassic but I'm totally stoked for Zen as well.


I agree, I was fortunate to get out @ $10.50. ----My philosophy, whenever there is an unknown and/or uncertainty its always best to get out of the investment with profit. Especially, in my case when I got involved with Zclassic when it it was $.54. The profits were to staggering to risk. ---- however , I do remain bullish on Zen Coin and Zclassic, theres still enough room in the space for privacy coins. But do expect some sort of sell off in Zen Coin when it launches, i would like to bet that some investors are looking to take profits as Zclassics price has come down substantially.

i love the idea of using crypto as a tool to generate wealth, i am struggling with the conversion process , i still cant find an answer on the lag time between buy and fill, and sell and cash. and trying to fund an account to trade us quite daunting to me.not a big fan of divulging too much info on the net being older , its just not how i was raised. but there is a ton of money laying around out there and i mean literally a ton (bitcon 100 worth 7 years ago now worth 72 million) but a lot of the exchanges limit your conversion to fiat to 2000 a day or 20.000 a month and if you cashed out at what point would your profit taking start to devalue the coin?


Sorry for the Delay. Still trying to get use to Steemit. To answer your question. I believe your asking me is how can you increase your withdrawal limit?

Also in regards to exchanges. I can totally understand the confusion around how you can walk away with as much money as possible. One exchange I strongly recommend is Coinbase. Please note, as soon as you set up your wallet and account with coinbase you will also have access to GDAX ( a live exchange) where fees are a lot less and/or spreads are just .01 on the average above asking price. You can also withdraw into your bank account from GDAX (a coinbase company). If you need any additional help. Please let me know. More than willing to help.


Coinbase ripped me off...


how did they rip you off? I heard they were compensating people for their losses. I don't hear many positive things about them.


i'd recommend kraken and gemini if you are in the U.S. very simple. Wire transfer money to your account then purchase with what you bought


i have been waiting for about a month to get approved to level 3 at kraken , they keep emailing me telling me that they are backlogged, its been pretty costly from an investment standpoint.

Mining Hush here !

Hush's tech development is currently doing fair enough and the dev(s) are always actice . check this post :

I bet you wish you still had your ZCL. I bought a bunch at $4 and sold most of at $90. Wishing I would have kept it though. I didn't do my research and see that it will fork soon


Cant say I'm that upset about it lol. I received similar returns on Ripple from .20 cents to $3.60.