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I. Overview.

Unibright is a template based related, ERP blockchain integration system. A lot of businesses today know about blockchain technology and are interested in using it but do not know how to come about it or have the computer science knowledge to do so. Hence, an organization like Unibright was founded to help those businesses by being a blockchain development assistant. Unibright has over 20 years of experience in business integration.

II. Technical Specifications.

Name: Unibright

Ticker: UBT

Algorithm: ERC20

Total Supply: 150 million (June 27th 2018)

Current Supply: 131.5 million (June 27th 2018)

Protocol: N/A

Market Cap All Time High: 25 million (May 21th 2018)

Exchange: Hotbit, IDEX

III. Fundamental Specifications.

There are many types of assistance that Unibright offers and one of them is through their Unibright Visual Workflow Designer. These days blockchain developers are expensive and difficult to find, which is why the visual workflow designer is there to assist business owners to incorporate blockchain technology to their business with no coding background needed.

Besides that, Unibright also offers a contract lifecycle manager that will constantly keep blockchains and smart contracts in the business updated. Breaking down data from the blockchain into working products for users is also a difficult task that Unibright provide assistance to via Unibright Explore.

Teams can also integrate the blockchain into their existing ERP/ IT systems via the Unibright Connector which are also called smart adapters. With the wide variety of services that Unibright offer, there are many different types of common uses. Amongst them are multi party approval, batch tracing, request for quotation, invoice releasing, shipping process monitoring, asset lifecycle, new hire, milestone based project payment and insurance claim processing.

In addition, Unibright consist of a group of very accredited team members that has very realistic and ambitious goals working alongside a hand full of very influential advisors in the crypto world.

IV. Coin Index

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