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I. Overview.

Created around January 2017, Ubiq was labeled as the 3rd generation blockchain that can ultimately replace bitcoin as a store-of-value. The cryptocurrency is claimed by the developers to be able to beat Bitcoin in term of lower fee, bigger blocks ( starting at around 20MB), and faster block time.

II. Technical Specifications.

Name: Ubiq

Ticker: UBQ

Algorithm: Dagger Hashimoto

Circulating Supply: 41,414,722 (June 27th 2018)

Protocol: Proof-of-Work

Market Cap All Time High: 269,459,000 USD (January 4th 2018)

Exchange: Bittrex, Upbit, Cryptopia.

III. Fundamental Specifications.

The Ubiq community gives a steady blockchain to host an Ethereum Virtual Machine. With various more challenging forks planned for ETH’s future, the team is trying to work on an Ethereum Virtual Machine which can include common updates and instability related with some challenge that any Ethereum forks can face. The Ubiq improvement team’s dedication and focus on offering a stable and reliable platform, approves customers in finance and business enterprise the ability to construct today, besides demanding about an uncertain future.
Ubiq the network after reviewing a variety of diverse options decided start development with the Ethereum codebase from 1.5.8, and then changed numerous key aspects such as block times and rewards. When blocks are created at 60 second or less intervals, there are frequently orphan blocks from miners not receiving every other’s work .

Ubiq the token help create a steady price and healthful distribution with no ICO or premine can be a difficult prospect for a new launch. This hassle is mitigated through producing our contract by the JBS market. JBS used to be a honest launch with no premine, instamine, or ICO and had nearly 3 years of lasting fee and development, coupled with a massive and various neighborhood of developers, traders, and enthusiasts. The inflation fee of 8 UBQ per block (7.3%) for the first 12 months is pretty manageable as the network price grows.

The team works as contractors or advisors with a quantity of exclusive blockchains, constructed blockchain backed services, and created integrations with current financial platforms. This publicity has supplied the ability to audit a tremendous array of unique codebases, and cements our offering as one of the most well-rounded chains handy today. The enterprise will serve as a funding vehicle for the Ubiq platform, and already has several consulting opportunities, commercial enterprise partnerships, and technologies under development, all of which will be used to leverage Ubiq’s functionality. Having no ICO or premine paves the way toward a vivid future for the company.

IV. Coin Index

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