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I. Overview.

Founded in the fall of 2017 with the intention to provide a faster and safer platform for transferring funds. The SwftCoin blockchain is known as a “Next-Generation Blockchain Global Transfer Agreement”. SwftCoin introduces blockchain 3.0 by using a “one stop cross-chain” transfer solution to reduce friction of transaction and cost.

II. Technical Specifications.

Name: SwftCoin
Ticker: SWFTC
Algorithm: ERC20
Total Supply: 10 billion (June 23rd 2018)
Current Supply: 3.6 billion (June 23rd 2018)
Protocol: N/A
Market Cap All Time High: 55 million (January 31th 2018)
Exchange: OEX, HitBTC, OKEx, Huobi, OTCBTC, CoinBene

III. Fundamental Specifications.

Being an ERC20 token, SWFTC is a decentralized blockchain asset based on the Ethereum platform. SWFTC functions similarly to other platforms like Shapeshift and Changelly but what makes it an outstanding and unique to its kind is the fact that the platform integrates artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain technology. The artificial intelligence and one stop cross-chain technology are the key ingredients in making SWFTC transactions very much affordable. The technologies this organization uses guarantees digital monetary preservation. The fact that it uses the blockchain technology makes it safer and decentralized, therefore SWFTC does not have to rely on other organizations to exist. In addition, SWFTC platform is also available in an application version which makes it very convenient for users as they can use the platform on the go. The application is also reviewed to have a user friendly interface that makes it very easy to use. Users are also entitled for discounts in some OTC markets if SwftCoin is used for their transactions. Besides the various unique technologies that SwftCoin uses, another key aspect that makes this organization different from the others is its strategic partnership with other major organizations.

IV. Coin Index

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