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So lets discuss BAT & The Brave Browser.

In this blog I don't want to give you my personal option of BAT.

BAT Logo.png

This is not your typical Crypto Post.
I want this FEED to be organic new and innovative and let our discussions generate its own content by you the user to discuss your thoughts on the following topics on BAT

First time I've tried this so lets see if it even works?

Topics to discuss then add your own!

1 - Where do think BAT will be in 6 months

Cal 2018.png

2 - Do you think having such a genius as Brendan Eich who created JavaScript will pull BAT over the line


3 - What are your thoughts on the BRAVE Browser and getting it to go main street and the overall concept.

Brave  Logo.jpg

Let it flow....@mindscape


While I'm familiar with BAT, adding a little more info about it with a link may help so people can quickly and easily learn about each coin - I presume this will be a series?

BAT sounds like a great idea and I'm hopeful for it. The ICO (I believe) went well for them but since then the prices dropped. It might be recovering now, who knows.

I started looking into the browser but something distracted me and I forgot. LOL I guess I should get back to it. Thanks for the post/reminder.

Yes thats the idea a series on Cryptocurrency and ICO's
I want everyone to have their say and then people can comment and discuss through the comments, here.
And hopefully good comments get rewarded also as an added bonus.

Thanks for checking us out!
Let us know what your thoughts are?

Hi There!
I will also be following everyone who adds good content into the discussion!

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