Travel Expense Management

Ticket payment platform with block chain Airline mileage system utilizing Ethereum platform.

From doing an initial search to booking flights, rooms, and rental cars, all the way through pricing and ticketing, managing reservations, and check-in and departure, Mile can help users to save their time and resources.Mile offers economical solutions for travelers by planning and managing.

Airline Information Finding the cheapest flight through the integrated big-data solution

Finding route
The movement of all passengers is updated real-time on a Mile blockchain

Partnership with other blockchain project to manage passenger’s personal information to identify them quickly and efficiently

Service Integration
Personalization in the service sector will be possible because of the blockchain technology

Use the Mile platform flight search to track the prices of selected flight and destinations.
Check daily and see price changes.
Mile platform score the lowest fares and also let users know when to fly and buy.

Analyzing big-data with blockchain technology.

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