WARNING: All Cryptocurrency Holders. Please, Please Take Action. NOW!

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Dear friends, I keep reading stories of people going into their Exchange accounts and seeing there crypto balances at $0. This really breaks my heart to hear that peoples investments are being stolen. I know a lot of hard work goes into your investments. You work hard to save some extra money to invest while still paying for food, shelter, transportation, you do the research on what to invest in and you've gotten through the hurdles to actually get your money into the exchange system. Yea, a lot of work.


At the very least setup the 2 step verification process that most exchanges recommend. This will prevent someone from getting into your computer and getting your account credentials. Yes, it may be a pain to have to enter every time you signon to your account but it is the 1st line of defense. Please do this, TODAY.

Now if you have money that you think hmmm... It would bad if I lost the amount of money I have invested in my coins. Get a hardware wallet! A Ledger Nano S or Blue, a Trezor. Get a good wallet that will meet your needs by accomodating a majority of coins you are invested in. Please do some research and order one. I know the Ledger Nano S is now available from Amazon within 2 days for a better price than I wrote about yesterday. I'm not pusing that particular one but I have experiance with it and I know they have been on backlog and people are waiting for them.

MyEtherWallet is a good website that works with Ledger Nano S and Trezor. It will also help with other ways to secure your coins.

There are other less secure ways to store your coins but I have not researched them so I'm unable to comment.

Please secure your coins. Your computer and exchanges CAN be compromised. Don't think it can happen to you? Well yes, yes it can. Please take security steps to protect yourself!

If other Steemians have recommendations I haven't covered, please create a post yourself and reply to this one with a link to yours. Lets get the word out. There are new people coming into crypto every day and they may not be aware of the security risks. Those of us good people who have been around a bit have a responsiblity to help them along and protect them.

Good luck to all. Please be secure!

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