Will Cryptos establish a new monetary realm this autumn with a Trillion+ in MarketCap? Part 2

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Link to the first part:

So... in the first part I established why I think that all the other asset classes are in a horrible bubble and will come down in the next crash.

So why would Crypto react differently in my eyes than for example Gold and Silver in 2008 in a massive crash?
There are several reasons:

  • Crypto can only be shorted to a small extent on some exchanges, not as massively as Gold and Silver, where a years production can be thrown on paper into the market in 5 minutes.
  • People in the cryptospace know much more about real economics than their counterparts in banks for example. They do not believe in general the keynesian BS. Many people follow the austrian school of economics and know what is going on. That there is nothing like a "free lunch".
  • Governments will print once again trillions of currency units in order to keep the system from going under, but the supply of cryptos cannot be expanded in the same proportion. Many people will notice this and in their search of safe-haven from all this madness the only space they will see is the cryptospace...

So, given the type of conscious-minded logically thinking investor in the cryptospace, he will not seek safety that time around in an undergoing currency... this is why he investedin this in the first place.

Banks who speculate in Gold and Silver contracts (and not in tangible assets in this case), they seem to not understand this neither... as they dumped these "certificates" last time around. But they are not in this space and will not be able to dump anything, because they do not have it.

So everybody will search of a new asset where to find shelter... and the only asset which in my eyes will profit is CryptoCurrency. So they will go there. But seeing all this shit going on around them, the Crypto-Investors will not sell their units to others for the same price as before... when this emergency happens, no one will want to sell if the price is not magnitudes higher than before....

I do not know if this thing happens this year or in 5 years.... Seeing the absolute madness going on I would think rather sooner than later... But with each day that goes by I see the possibility rising.

Disclaimer: Nothing I say is investment advice, but just my opinion.

Please let me know your opinion, do you agree? When do you think the rigged markets will go away?

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I think to seem degree we are already seeing people moving to cryptocurrencies because of the pathetic returns in conventional shares and assets. It will only accelerate as more people realise that the MSM label of criminality and scam is a bullshit smokescreen.

Edit: Just a quick tip - add a photo at the top and people will be more likely to see this. If you are stuck for a place to look try https://www.pexels.com/


Thanks for the tip... yeah... I forgot to include the foto...
I agree with your economic analysis as well.


You're welcome:)


It will definitely hit 1 trill this year from what I can tell. The momentum these days with many cashing out and price still going up on the main currencies should tell the truth.

We are going in to a time where cryptos will overtake fiat in a matter of short timespans.

Great read though. Thanks for sharing your view!


You are welcome!

I completely agree. The cryptocurrency world will become very big in a couple of years. Just hold your coins and wait for the market to become HUGE!


Yeah... it will be very interesting indeed when this thing lets go... :)


Yes we will laugh at what the prices are right now..

It's a very interesting read. I am not an expert, as I am fairly new to all this but I agree with what you have written.

Happy Monday!


Thanks! Happy Monday as well! :)


Yes don't sell during those days but buy more instead.



Such informative post, upvoted and followed!

I do agree on that,but because of volatility going up and down people will not hold this assets for long.they will sell high and wait when it is low to buy again

You make a really nice point. I just hope that doesn't happen

This....", So, given the type of conscious-minded logically thinking investor in the cryptospace, he will not seek safety that time around in an undergoing currency... this is why he investedin this in the first place."

so much this.


I hope I am right... ;)

Not an expert at all, but your explanations are nice to read !

I agree with all of this. I cannot say when, for sure, but I also believe digital assets will come to replace all other money in the next 5-10 years.

no doubt digital assets will be the future, crypto currencies will definitely ( hopefully lol) be the replacement for fiat money

It is very very interesting post. I am new to all this but I agree with what you have post.
thanks my dear friend.
I am waiting for the next post.