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When it comes to launching a successful venture like OPEN Money, there are three fundamental questions that must be asked:

  1. What's the problem?
  2. Is there a better solution?
  3. Am I the best solution to the problem?

Introducing OPEN Money


The experienced founders and developers of Open Money saw a problem; businesses trending toward blockchain technology and cryptocurrency while software app developers are locked in an anachronistic, fiat-based world.

The solution is to accelerate adoption of an ecosystem which allows mainstream software developers the ability to create and distribute their apps in this new technology without wasting vital resources on recreating their work.

This is where OPEN Money comes in. They know all developers need a way to monetize, distribute and promote their products for B2B, enterprise-to-consumer software apps. Unfortunately the elements in place have stagnating effects in raising funds for further research and development, as well as dampening earning potential by virtue of terrible contracts with parent companies who siphon up to 30% of all in-app purchases.

But what choice does an app developer have?

Sadly, it's very limited especially for mass market integration. That's where Open Money strives to lead the way into a crypto world where there is approximately $100 billion in liquid digital currency. This opens the doors to potential customers who would rather pay with cryptocurrency while developers can pocket more earnings for their products.

"We firmly believe that the OPEN Platform will be the leading global infrastructure solution for software developers looking to integrate blockchain technologies."


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Getting to know the OPEN Money team

This is a powerhouse fusion of talent and achievement. 50+ million downloads of a mainstream app, working with major automobile and sports brands, featured in top news channels, plus decades of combined experience in successful app development. These are just a few highlights of what they've done.

Fiz Kassam - CEO

  • Lead developer for Stick RPG
  • 40 million+ downloads
  • Lead large scale digital media projects for Adidas, Toyota, Kelloggs
  • 14+ years in app game development
  • Past CTO of successful casino app developer and real money gaming operation
  • Invited speaker various institutions and universities on the topic of game development

Andrew Leung - CTO

  • Deployed Asia Pacific headquarters and lead new team for Billion dollar software company Pivotal Labs
  • Lead Architect and Design on Grinder app 50 million+ downloads
  • Lead the development of Viacom's video streaming suite
  • Lead engineering team for Facebook for Blackberry 10 OS and scaled for over 1 million daily actives

Ken Sangha - COO

  • Scaled real money casino app development company to 8-figures and achieved #1 in iTunes UK
  • Grew average spend in app from $300 to $3000 USD per user
  • Invited technology speaker at Yahoo Inc, and Flurry
  • Professional advisor, mentor, and operations consultant to multiple startups and accelerators

Roger Jin - Director of Strategy

  • Bootstrapped multi million dollar consumer technology startup
  • Featured on New York Times, CNBC, Business Insider
  • Founded partnerships and distribution deals with Amazon and Walmart

Alvin Lau - Managing Advisor

  • 11+ years of technical project management experience
  • Project lead bringing projects valued over $200 million to success
  • Expertise in managing costs, resources, schedules

What does this mean for the consumer?

If developers are gaining double-digit percentages back in their wallets because they can develop and distribute apps on the OPEN Money platform, one might surmise there to be potential savings to the consumer as well. At the very least, as cryptocurrency gains mainstream adoption, the app architects will find a whole pool of enthusiastic crypto maniacs searching for the next best thing.

OPEN Money ICO details

Stay tuned as I chase down the OPEN Money team with some email interviews.

What would you like to know about OPEN Money?
What would you like to ask the team?

Leave your questions in the comments section.

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Wow ! I can see this being huge as crypto becomes more mainstream and well known , they were actually talking about this on the early news Yesterday and some of the crackdown that's currently going on in China ! I wish I had some ETH ! OR At least some money to buy some and Steem at the same time ! Great post my friend . Keep up the great work and its awesome to have you back ! 😍💕👍


LOL - I honestly wish I had more time to Steemit! After my work day I'm completely exhausted BUT I'm trying to incorporate some work into Steemit so... maybe this will be my comeback? :P


Oh wow that's awesome , except for the exhausted part ! LOL! Hopefully it will be a great come back for you @merej99 ! Im going to be also returning to work on anot her full time construction site with the same company as last time , im only doing it so I can try to gey out a personalbank loan ! Need money to build my house , Haha ! Steemits taking to long LOL! But we did finally get the power shack up , and power pole ! 😂😂😂

Anyways I started an awesome initiative for steemit thats a contest where people enter a Positive post of any kind , my goal and initiative is to spread more positivity around steemit ! If you know of anyone who may be able to sponsor me please let me know , its now into its 4 th week doing really good ! The first contest had 4 donations and 29 entries ! heres my latest update post your mentioned in , with a link to the contest and more information ! Thanks !


I might be able to sponsor some STEEM or VIVA for the contest. I had to do a power down for bug out money in case the hurricane destroys my house so we're a little bit in flux here. Karen, you still have my email, right? That might be the best way to keep in touch with me for the next week or so. <3


No worries @merej99 ! Wow I didn't know you were in that area !! OMG !! Stay safe my friend !! There's no rush to support with steem , I will be keeping the contest on going now for 4 weeks ! Its been really awesome with a lot of positive posts and entries ! So very popular and as long as it stays this way I will keep it going ,I enjoy reading all the positive vibes it helps cheer me up at times ! just your support is awesome @merej99 thanks a bunch !! It would be nice to have this contest self sustaining with donations and sponsors eventually , as I put a lot of work into it , but there's no rush ! Your awesome as always , Steem on my friend and I wish you best of luck there with Hurricane Irma !!! 🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀

I'm in the same boat as you returning to work! Struggling to find time to be on here in any capacity! May I ask what ETH is? I have zero idea! I will be interested to continue following this topic to learn more!


Hi @thesimplelife - ETH is Ethereum
I'm really really trying to be present. I hate the feeling that I'm posting something when I can and then running off to do other things. I miss reading the articles, seeing the art, and generally catching up with people! How is life treating you these days?


I am definitely in that same boat! And there are days between when I can get on and interact it seems. Things are busy since I've gone back to work, but they are also a peaceful busy since some big decisions are made. The Little Man is just a happy little guy now and Baby Girl is continuing to grow. She's never been as affected by things just because she's been too young to know what's going on and things wrapped up for her before she really started to form attachments to certain people. I'm just ready for appeal decisions to be made so we can make it OFFICIAL! I know I will have some big decisions come along after things are official...not sure we will be able to stay in this community very much longer, etc. how are things going with you guys with the impending storm? Wishing you all the best!!

Beautiful idea you guys got here👍


It's definitely a plus for app developers! I really like the idea and people behind the project.

It's good to "see" you here again @merej99! Find myself wishing I had more time for Steemit... my "day job" is robbing me of my blogging time!

Sounds like an interesting project, but unfortunately all I can do for the moment is bookmark it as "interesting for later."