Sneak Peek of My First Lactofermentation, Still Working on Correlations Between Cryptocurrencies | Digital Asset Class Vlog 73steemCreated with Sketch.

Hello Steemit Community,

I'm still working on a couple things behind the scenes. Some of which include:

  • @ftgu 'From The Ground Up' Lazy Sunday Broadcast (Sundays 2pm EST)
  • My first lactofermentation
  • Finding correlations between cryptocurrency prices over time

Here is a sneak peek of my first batch of lactofermented pickling cucumbers.



Current chart report:
Liquidity - $ 151.99
Total Wealth - $676.70

For those of you who are tuning into my content for the first time, follow me from the beginning here.

Thank You For Your Time,
McKenzie Gary


Outro: Saiko_-_Horrorshow

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My favorites are Miso, Kombucha/Jun and tempeh. :D


I'd be excited to try to make kombucha. I've made tempeh once before and I remember enjoying the process.


Your local grocery store may carry a "Plain" version of their live kombucha. This would be enough to start a SCOBY. Alternatively, you can buy Kombucha scobys online from various places, rather cheap. There are quite a few kombucha DIY videos and posts around, you'll find it's quite easy and delicious. :)


Tempeh requires special equipment as it must be kept 86-90° F. Kombucha is an easy starter culture. You don't actually need to start with a SCOBY or unpasteurized kombucha if you're having trouble finding any. Just add a few tablespoons of vinegar to your 1 gallon tea:1 cup sugar solution. The first batch might not be so good but the second will be fine.

Looks good. How are you keeping the veggies below the surface? You need to measure the salt by weight, otherwise when you use a different kind of salt with a different weight per volume your measurements will be totally useless.


In one jar the veggies are staying below the surface on their own. In the two other jars it has been difficult to keep the cucumbers under the brine. I'd like to measure by weight but unfortunately I haven't had a chance to buy a scale yet, I'd also like to get bubble airlock lids! Both are things I look forward to!


Use a glass jar that will fit inside the jar you're using or a Ziploc bag filled with water. Those airlocks are completely unnecessary for pickles.