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RE: [Warning] Why I don't trust the price of Dash, nor the community. Be careful folks. Invest wisely. Diversify.

lol, you sold your dash when you shouda hodl your dash. now that the price has exploded it really hurts huh? gotta make excuse why you made a bad financial decision. if dash is so bad why are you still so obsessed? why be a white knight CJW? why be that dash guy? what competing projects are you now involved in?

any evidence evan owns 400k dash or diaz owns 200k?
the rest is all half truths and troll slander.


Quite the contrary actually, I don't want people trying to diversify from BTC (news flash thats the only reason Dash and ALL altcoins are on the rise) and into Dash then losing all the hard earned profits for you get rich quickers to screw them over and leave them holding the bag.

There's FOMO and there's AMO. (Actually missing out). I think you're suffering from a bout of the latter.

Of course I could be wrong. You could be so genuinely concerned for your fellow citizens that you'd go to the trouble of writing a pageful of unsupported teenage spite directed at otherwise hard working professionals for not adopting your philosophical priorities.

Then again they're still here working for the community and you're not.

Lets see what 3 years of market growth has to say about it. Looks like get rich but "not so quick" to me.

Dash Chart 1
Dash Chart 1

so bitcoin is what you are invested in then. i've been in dash for almost 3 years and won't sell my masternodes for a million each. so no get rich quick nothing and i am holding all my dash.

I agree with matermined710 here, u went all in on your dash a while ago and now write up this long winded post to stop others from adopting the currency and doing something great. I mean in all honesty this is a bit pathetic, if u believe u could do better then I would highly recommend you start off your own coin and we will see what issues you face down the line. Please don't ruin it for others just becuase your experience was bad.