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Bouncing back into the green, Bitcoin will not be allowed to drop below the 9k resisance, why?

Precisely the question which I want to answer while also giving you some insight as to what TERMINUS means.

For the last 2 years I have been posting fairly regularly on the subjects of #geopolitics #macroeconomics and #cryptocurrencies. The later, and in particular trading analysis, has been my focus for the bulk of this time.

During this time #Bitcoin has done its thing, volatile one day, and quiet as a baby sleeping the next.
The more I went into the TA of cryptos, and more so into Bitcoin in the final 12 months, the more I have become frustrated at the seeming idiocy of my endeavours. More on this later.

I am a strong believer in Bitcoin. I believe that there will be a crypto revolution that will (quietly at first then suddenly) sweep aside the archaic financial architecture of the present day, and this will occur with inverse proportionality to the imminent collapse of the current teetering system.

Why am I so sure the current system will fall?

Once one ventures far enough down the rabbit hole of secondary economic data, one cannot help but come to the conclusion that the global economy is not sick, it is dead and rotting. A dead man walking. The global financial system is still living but its organs are in terminal decline. It is reached it used by date. It was not designed to go further that this. It was not meant to even survive this long.
A bold statement to make you may think.

Here i could begin chapter one of an epic tome of data and analysis, though any attempt to document it in one huge epic would only result in a historic account rather than a current affairs report. The data is just too much and too varied and moving too fast now. Collapsing too fast!

No, I will no bore you to death with it. I know it is happening, and I now feel confident I know what to do to sidestep the mess as best as I possibly can. If you are still unsure and scratching your head about it all, then all I can say to you is:

yesterday was when you needed to open your eyes
and start to act.

The crash of the global financial system is inevitable. If you are not convinced then thing on this one oxymoron.

All central banks and governments can do to solve the impeding economic crash is to flood the system with debt. It is the only mechanism they have to create liquidity. It is literally the only tool they have in the tool box to fix such problems.
It is what they did in 2000, and 2008, and what they will do shortly.

Problem is that 2000, and 2008 were problems whose root cause was excessive debt.

In 2000, the flooding of debt fixed the problem, somewhat

But in 2008 it did not work.
It was just enough for the authorities to claim (till blue in the face) that the economy was roaring. But it wasn't. This system will roar no longer.

More and more people are waking up to this reality,
but we must also join the dots and realise who did this.
If not we are bound to repeat this again, and again.

What's worse, is the flood of public debt that was released to fix the 2008 crisis turned into a huge money grab by the most powerful and wealthy. For these people are the insiders, they understand what is going on and they know that this system is ripe for collapse. They know that it was never meant to work for ever. They know this system is coming to an end. And most importantly, they want to position themselves in the best possible way to become the elite in the next system, what ever it may be.

So I bid you all a farewell from my regular Bitcoin TA show. I have come to the realization that there is almost no point in trading daily charts, switching from alts to btc and back to squeeze out more sats. The cost in time, stress and nerves is too much for me. Those who advocate hodling are the wisest of us all.

Now we are going to see the die cast and see Bitcoin be tested by fire. The ultimate test. The one Satoshi was driven by. His experiment is finally getting the real black box test.

There will be gnashing of teeth, there will be copious tears, there will be death, and there will be anguish. Fingers will be pointed, torches and pitchforks will be brandished. Many will loose all. Few will win much. But one thing is certain, things will never be the same again.

So as the smell of autumn permeates the morning air, I feel a strong deep certainty, that with the passing of this summer of 2019, so to are we passing into a winter of the macro financial cycle. The death of a system, and the inevitable birth of a new one.

The final chapter of the debt fueled fiat system.

To be fair, it was a system that brought us space flight, nuclear weapons, the internet, mapping of the human genome, the start of the rise of the robot and AI. And finally the birth of Bitcoin.

But it has also brought us 2 world wars, one cold war that was almost as bad, a medley of other costly conflict which created countless needless enmities. It has also brought our planetary life support systems to a stress level never before seen. This last point may have occurred in any case, so I feel it slightly disingenuous to lay the blame here.

Its inevitable crash is upon us now. How do I know this? It is because the MSM is now taking about it. When they start, it is already very late in the game. For their goal is to keep the public quite and confident in the economy. They do this till that can't. And when they can't, then they can only accelerate it by sharing this with you all. It is the proverbial self fulfilling prophesy.

The night is darkest before the dawn, so ready yourselves for the next turning.

Ah, I have not explained the idiocy of my TA.

Anyone who has followed this blog will know that I did not write it for views or revenue. (If that were the case, I should have stopped a long time ago) No, it was as a study/research tool for my own trading analysis.

Trading is hard enough to get right at the best of times, but alone in your office, with no one to bounce idiotic ideas around with, it is much harder. I needed a medium to keep myself honest. To be able to call out my own bad calls. To commit my predictions to the most immutable medium known to man, the public blockchain.

Who knows, maybe decades or centuries from now, these posts will still be searchable in some ancient archive on what life was like at the end of the debt age. The most optimistic and dangerous time of humanity on planet earth.

So this blog will live on, but in a different form. Like the dying debt age, so to will my TA blog go through a rebirth.
Into what, I yet do not know.

For the handful of followers, and yet smaller number who actually read and react to my posts, I wish you all strength, fortitude and luck in this coming trial. Be open minded and trust your logical deductions. Trust those voices that have earned your trust, and help those that deserve, and need it.

Those stuck in the matrix want to be there, only they can free themselves. As the system collapses, many will wake up and be confused and distressed. They need our help. Be honest and gentle with them. BUT BE SURE THEY KNOW WHO IS TO BLAME. LET THEM KNOW IT WAS NOT TRUMP, OR XI, OR BREXIT, OR ANY OTHER BOOGIEMAN.


The central bankers and their enablers and supporters are the cause of all this, so if you are upset with the outcome, do not let them stay in control any longer.

It was their plan all along to use the control over our money to stay in power. At the onset of every crash, the central bankers have gone into high gear to claim themselves as the one and only saviours of humanity, and they will try very hard to sell themselves as the saviors of this crash. Anything to remain in power.

Here are some of them on show, preening their reputations of purity and virtue (sarc).

And to close wtih you all, I leave a link to one of my first posts, enjoy and bon voyage...

As always guys, leave comments, have fun and trade safe.

Disclaimer: This post is not financial advice. Before investing any funds do your own research and make your own decisions. Cryptocurrencies are highly speculative.
And finally: Do not invest money you are not comfortable losing.

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