This Cryptocurrency Is About To Eat 25% Of The Internet

On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse…
I would like to focus on one thing today, something that has the potential for one cryptocurrency project to eat a quarter of the Internet.

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Within the last 24 hours, something called SteemPress 2.0 was launched.

SteemPress is a WordPress plugin that provides a two way integration between the Steem blockchain and a WordPress blog.

In fact the Forbes website is built using WordPress as stated in this article by a Forbes contributor:
The Wikipedia article for WordPress quotes statistics from April 2018 such as 30% of the top 10 million websites are built using WordPress.

This is perfect timing on the back of my blog post from yesterday where I asked why Gab left such a hole in their technology system.

You can check their website right now

#steem #steempress #cryptocurrency

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Only the true OG bloggers may fully realize today, what this junction potentially can bring to our ecosystem here. Thanks for message.

yeah, the ripple effects are barely visible. and soon they will for a ocean.

Chris, thank you for creating this video. The title got me curious about the content of the video. After watching your video, I started looking more into WordPress.
Thank you for introducing me to WordPress and the new SteemPress 2.0 update!

Have a great week!
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Chris, this has to be one of the most exciting news stories for crypto in 2018! Thank you for breaking it first!

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Chris, people are going to want to be able to find out more information on how to manage their new or previously less used steem accounts. Can you post a link to a good resource you recommend on this. Thank you

Great presentation and real live advantage possible. Eays to apply without nearly any risk, espacially when one is already using Steemit and Wordpress.

Great overview and explanation Chris, especially to those, like me, not au fait with this market!!! Simplification/automation for content producers is obviously a massive plus. Getting "users/content consumers" to understand their potential value to the ecosystem is key - like you're doing!! Like Steem a lot and have a small investment in them but my mid-long term concern would be what solution the EOS community/ (i.e. Dan) is going to initiate, as has already been intimated, as this could potential derail the Steem train.

great video.

Found it!!! Lol!!!.... Thanks chris

Chris, this really does match the “deceptively amazing yet simple” description you gave it. I blogged on Wordpress for years and participated in a close-knit and wide ranging group of bloggers. I run, ran, set up, host, installed, fixed, designed, consulted for and cussed at hundreds of websites for friends, nonprofits and customers. There have always been different types of issues but one common thread permeated them all.

Monetizing participation.

“How do I get people to comment?”
“How can I get them to engage?”
“How do I keep subscribers?”
“How do I know I’m relevant to the market?”

Some bloggers took sponsors and we’d wonder about their motivations. We added URL fields to comment blocks so people could “sign” their comments with their blogs so it was a kind of advertising. People got more traffic if they commented on other blogger’s blogs.

We know from Brave’s BAT experiment that there’s interest in monetizing people’s attention, so why not people’s engagement?

I can’t wait to try this out

You shouldn't put your head so close to a deadly reptile. You're going to get bit if you keep teasing that thing. LOL! Thanks for the info!

It’s Halloween, so it fits.

I would also think this brings Steem one step closer to being a viable payment option for commerce in the Wordpress ecosystem! Given the ease of transferring in addition to being free and quick, it could be the best options to adopt crypto. This could include goods and services including potential subscription based models! Look forward to the implications with this and also the upcoming Smart Media Tokens platform!

I've been using WordPress since 2006, and I can say without much exaggeration that it's been the most trouble-free, open source CMS I have ever used. When Steemit came out, I created an account and yearned for an easy way to port my WP content to Steemit. Up to now, I'd been manually copy and pasting content from WP to Steemit. Not a major problem, but tedious nonetheless.

WP's advantages are many, but for me the top two are media import and editing ease, closely followed by the myriad of plugins available and the strong and continual development of the platform. Oh, and the seamless upgrade process. It's automagic!

I'm going to install Steempress now and I'll give a user report after a few days time.

Believe it or not, I've been following you on YT for a long time, and DTube, too, so I figured I was also following you here on Steemit. Well, nope. Corrected that error today.


I saw a reference to this a few days ago and, just like you said, it didn't really register with me at all. It does now! I've been planning to do a blog and I couldn't decide whether I should keep the Wordpress format I had started with, or to do it on Steem. You've just solved my problem for me! Now I can do it on both at the same time with integration between them. Awesome. And I think you're right about the potential growth of Steemit users (and therefore the Steem currency) from this.

This is great news! I might come out of retirement now...

One of the best things about this, I think, will be that it's way easier finding older content on a well organized blog, but with steemit's interface you could be scrolling forever through random posts with no organization. Now, people should be able to just link the their WordPress site at the bottom of each post and people can peruse there.

Great video Chris! You have re-enthused my waning interest in making websites! Even a small amount more monetisation will make a huge difference to my blogs and help me spend more time and effort on them!

wow, adding word press is like really major! GG steem

Thank you very much for the exciting news. This is something that I have been waiting for to make my life easier to provide content. It could not have come in at a better time. I am looking forward to seeing how this develops.

I like news like this that goes under the radar. Perhaps the best thing about this is that people don't have to use steemit? They can still make steem just using WordPress. Some will want to sell their steem but others will see the value in holding it. I still think steem seems undervalued, compared to many coins with a higher market cap, hopefully when this news sinks in, that will start to change? Not financial advice, just my thoughts.

Very solid video and I never looked at the potential of Steem from that standpoint.

Yeah, that really seems like a great combination Steemit and Wordpress. Could be a good moment to rethink Webpagedesign and application of Steem and Wordpress. Great presentation. Thanks. Good for Steem holders (like you) I guess. :-)

This is really exciting news for both Steem and Wordpress; it could possibly bring millions of more "mainstream" bloggers and blog commentators to the Steem blockchain and add new life to many Wordpress blogs as a new possibility for monetization!

Integrating Wordpress with Steem could be a boon to those of us who are not skilled content creators but still enjoy interacting.

Chris, thank you for bringing me back to steem.

Great for current WordPress users, it is a pity "that thing" of having only 6 day limitation to monetize the main article. Anyway it is better then any other alternative we have now (no alternative alike to steemit to my current knowledge) .

Another one to join to your list of uncensored media services is LBRY :

review was also here
If like her reviews consider following her also in steemit @cryptocandor ( was before @brandneweyes )

Great vid, that's really great news for Steemit. What are your thought on Dan's hinting of creating a Steemit 2.0 on EOS? I was hesitant on getting too involved with Steemit until I see what he has in store. Do you think Steemit can hang long term?

As far as we know Steemit 2.0 exists only in rumour so I'm not taking into consideration. I'm not waiting around. Steem is what we've got so I'm using it.

As a content producer, I guess that makes sense. As a consumer, Steemit is not as intuitive to navigate as YouTube, so I always gravitate back there.

I would be really interested in hearing @marketingmonk 's thoughts on this as well!

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I hope your right about steempress but with the current steem issues it may not gain much traction. Some bloggers may try it but unless the users move to this platform they'll probably drop it soon afterwards.

Exciting times!!

When people see the dollar signs for commenting, it will also unleash a tsunami of comment spam. There are honest engaged people, and the others that are always looking to game the system.

Now that was interesting!

Following you now

My favourite wordpress plugin and I love how I can send updates to an existing blog which also updates steemit post too!

Awesome video! Watching it really made my day as we've been working hard to get this update ready for release before going to SteemFest this month :).

Glad you're as excited as we are and thank you for helping us spread the news!

WordPress is the shit! It makes blogging really easy. Big move I think by the STEEMians. And kudos to you for catching this, Chris!

Just saw this on youtube and followed you to comment here. Too late for me to upvote, but great post and vid.

Yeah, I think it is a major development. May take some time to really work its way through the ecosystem, but at least that can begin now.

Only drawback, of course, is that we know that without investing in STEEM there is a lot of turnover among new users. So attracting a bunch of new users by the dollar signs next to the comments may just lead them down a tech-heavy rabbit hole that proves to offer little financial reward for the time invested. Unless they also invest money, which not many people will.

If steempress develops their own SMT that subsidizes some of the RC costs for those who sign up on their clients' WP websites, this may improve somewhat. But in general, the steemit model is pretty "the more you have, the more you get."

Nice video. I'm just as excited as everyone else, but I do have a few questions about this:

  1. Can the STEEM blockchain handle something like this? I don't know a lot about the technical specs of the blockchain, but if this actually sees widespread adoption blockchain size and transaction count is going to explode... (This could be a big problem, but is hopefully unfounded.)

  2. Won't the verification process turn new users away? Personally, when I'm going to leave a comment on something, I want to do it immediately. It seems like new users might be discouraged from commenting on a post by the long verification time (or fee) for creating a new STEEM account. (This seems like less of a problem, as once a user has an account they can use it everywhere.)

That being said, this is a great system. Can't wait to see it being used!