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In a time where cryptocurrency high volatility and future exchanges are the norms of the financial system, high cost of transaction fees is the last thing any trader or business owner needs now. Market microstructure like high transaction fees affects the liquidity of markets to large extends, thereby making the market unstable and volatile for users.

Citing high transaction fees and other factors as reasons, Tom Karlo, Stripe Product Manager complains;
"We've seen the desire from our customers to accept Bitcoin decrease," says Karlo.

The relationship between volatility and liquidity in the futures markets and other markets are so proportional and sharp, that a sudden downward or upward turn in one, affects the other greatly. Their relationship can be vividly seen in the 2007-2008 financial crises and the 2010 ‘flash crash', when market volatility exploded, liquidity disappeared and share prices plummeted. With liquidity being the depth of sells and buys order in a market and volatility being the rate of price change, a ‘thin’ or illiquid market becomes volatile. With less orders to absorb market fluctuations, buyers and sellers find it easier to push price up and down.

In the cryptocurrency financial system, volatility and liquidity are no new comers. Liquidity and low volatility are very important for a coin to be useful for general trading. With high volatility, there's too much risk holding funds, and with insufficient liquidity, wallet recharge and transaction fees will be high.

In as much as Futures were introduced to put a brake on the fluctuating volatility rates, there are still high transaction fees in futures exchanges.
Digitex Whitepaper says,
But despite lower costs(due to futures) transaction fees are still significant on high volume, low profit margin futures trading strategies. They act as a massive brake on the potential liquidity of futures markets by converting marginally profitable strategies into losing strategies after commissions.

What is Digitex Future Exchange?

Digitex is a decentralized trustless transaction charge fee future exchange platform built on the blockchain. Digitex eliminates the bug of contracts participants having to pay for the commission fee. Digitex also decentralizes the system, withdrawing the control of the system from the owners and developers and gives it to it’s users, hence it eliminates the issue of trust. Moreover, on Digitex, smart contracts hold all account balances and all account transactions and these account details can’t be accessed by Digitex.
Also, Digitex do not hold or store private keys of users, hence, the elimination of the issue of theft or hacking. To enhance a more trustless system, users on the platform possess a consensus model of control over the tokens creation and operation of the system.

Digitex: Your Commission-Free Trading & Exchange Platform

Digitex is a trading platform with the aim of revolutionizing the exchange market, as it does not charge commission on trades carried out by it's users. There are no transaction fees of any kind, making it the first of it's kind to come up with such innovation in the future exchange industry.
Digitex features an impressive combination of the suitable processes of the centralized servers with smart contracts of a decentralized body ensuring adequate security, this functional combination has brought about a reliable platform such as Digitex

The general idea behind Digitex is that it totally covers the cost of making any exchange by creating it's own cryptocurrency(DGTX Token) which makes token available for use, instead of charging transaction fees on trade, brilliant isn't it. Traders and business bodies can rest be assured that they can make orders at any time with the satisfaction of having to pay a zero commission on all trades and at all times.

The Future of Futures With Digitex

Lower costs of transaction fees notwithstanding in futures, it is still significant on high volume, low profit margin futures trading strategies. This is a setback on the potential liquidity of futures markets by converting marginally profitable strategies into losing strategies after commissions. These fees no matter how low, now turn to be problematic for users dealing in low profit, high volume futures.
With Digitex, there are no fee charge on transactions, thereby, all users of Futures will benefit through Digitex. Even those that trade on high volume and low profit deals, which aforetime are always robbed by the little commission charge, will not be charged on Digitex thereby allowing them to get their small gains.

Due to it’s foundations and startup Roadmap, Digitex will be on the forefront of cryptocurrencies, blockchain and the fiat financial system. Interoperating the best centralized and decentralized features, will ensure the influx of both fiat system users and the lovers of decentralized system into the Digitex ecosystem.

Through middlemen and brokerage services, traders who don’t actively participate in trading get the lowest profits in the end. Especially for small scale traders who depend on the low outcome of the transaction to take in as profits, trading fees of most brokerage companies eliminates this for them and they are forced to invest more to profit or quit the market. Even for the ‘big money' traders, they’ll still have to look for cheaper brokerage services in order to realize more income. In Digitex, there are no middlemen, instead there are trustless smart contracts that control agreements, and interestingly, Digitex doesn’t charge commission fees in order to let everybody in the system profit.


For Digitex, the security and tranquility of its users will always be a priority. Users can start using Digitex without having to provide personal data or identification documents. It is considered that the demand for personal data leads to inefficient services that interfere with the privacy of the parties involved, which puts the client at risk. The best way to protect users is by omitting the request for unnecessary personal data that does not add anything to the effectiveness of Digitex, so your users can feel safe.

Digetex 2019,2020,2021

Given the growth of DIGITEX, it is evident that it is a platform that will support the time given in the way it is known and developed by combining various aspects that favor users, estimating that in the coming years there will be an increase in the demand for your local currency (DGTX) given that people want a blockchain system, safe and at the same time efficient and even better without commissions, Digitex is shown as a project that satisfies the needs that for many years most investors have sought a solution without finding that It is expected that many xchange systems persist in transactions that charge commissions, people will always look to take care of their profits, so Digitex is and will be an excellent option today in the future. One of the most striking advantages of this project is the exclusion of hard-to-remember keys, replacing complex keys with a more secure and efficient exchange system, with a non-complex interface, which makes this platform a great opponent to bet front other existing exchanges.


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