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RE: ICO Police - Where's my money?

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ICO mania is just like the dot com boom. Everything that is ICO cannot fail until it does. Some say that the mania has not even started with many more ICOs yet to come. When the masses get wind of the riches they think they will make then it is the time to get out. ICOs have lost their lustre with mediocre companies now coming up the ranks. The top companies have already ICOed and were the industries' trailblazers.

Products are just about to be launched whist the newer ICOs have yet to begin or even understand what they are doing. There are still golden nuggets out there and it is like panning for gold, back breaking work need o be carried out to just find them now.


Yes, but I'm not sure if it didn't start already.
We have so many ICOs these days.
Sure, some of them are golden gooses, but do we really need that many? Will they all be winners?
I don't think so...

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