What is the Reddit community saying about Crypto? #2

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A month ago I checked wat the Reddit Community is saying about crypto, so it is time to once again find out what is keeping the community busy. As previous time, I scraped the comments of the daily discussion of the Cryptocurreny Reddit page (with over 650.000 readers) using Python. In total over 1.000 comments were placed. Here are the results:

April (20th) Top 10May (26th) Top 10
1. Bitcoin (165x)1. Bitcoin (114x)
2. Market (113x)2. Crypto (65x) ⇧
3. Crypto (102x)3. Buy (59x) ♦
4. Money (90x)4. Market (58x) ⇩
5. Coins (88x)5. Up (57x) ♦
6. Price (76x)6. Money (43x) ⇩
7. Coin (74x)7. Down (40x) ⇧
8. Pump (57x)8. Coins (36x) ⇩
9. Down (51x)9. Ethereum (34x) ♦
10. Nano (48x)10. Nano (34x)

The results

The table above shows the top 10 words of the previous and current scraping. Surprisingly the top 10 pretty almost contains the exact same words as last time, but there are some shifts in ranking (marked with arrows). Bitcoin still is the most mentioned word. New words in the top 10 are: Buy (59x), Up (57x) and Ethereum (34x). The terms Buy and Up maybe signal an expected upward movement of the market after the prices declining the last weeks. Other currencies mentioned besides Bitcoin (114x), Ethereum (34x) and Nano (34x) are: VeChain (18x), Neo (11x) and EOS (8x). Other discussion terms mostly seem to concern trading/the market like: Price (31x), Buying (24x), Bought (18x), Bull (16x), Hold (16x), Bear (15x) and Trading (15x).

This day the crypto exchanges do not seem to be part of the discussion. Next time I will once again compare the results to previous findings and add more context to the results.


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