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I first started staking on the 22nd of Jan, I thought I should leave it a month and come back and give everyone an update from this blog (My original blog) I decided to leave it to mature and didn't really go back to check up on it every day but I logged in today on a random one!

You can stake any of the below cryptocurrencies right here: StakeUnited

I was surprised to see that I had accumulated 1338593.59 EmberCoins in such a short space of time.

StakeUnited support the follow coins:

  • AERM
  • BUZZ
  • DV7
  • DVRS
  • HOLD
  • KB3
  • MONK
  • MUT
  • PIVX
  • OPC
  • xGOx
  • XIOS
  • XP

You can stake any of the above cryptocurrencies right here: StakeUnited

Please check out my other Steem Blogs: here!

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Nice job. Where can we still buy Ember ?

Thank you! You can buy Ember on

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