17 Reasons Why NOW Is The Time To Buy CryptoCurrency!

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The potential looks to have been lost amid the recent focus on price volatility being such a young market there is genuinely no history to determine what is normal and abnormal in price behavior one thing is for sure volatility is the nature of this beast. 

The millions of new traders who enter market during the massive uptrend love the volatility when it was making 12 year olds millionaires in a matter of months however once the volatility turned the tables on the bullish masses all of the new traders panicked declaring that the bubble of burst filled by the sensation-seeking media machines the panic selling resulted in downward volatility soaring and prices plummeting at the same time those who understand how markets really work waited patiently for the ideal buying opportunity and bought at or near the cryptocurrency laws. So I think that's where we find ourselves right now sort of return to form cryptocurrencies and the distributed ledger technology that they're built on will do nothing less than change the world in the most fundamental ways they will have similar impact on society over the next 20 years akin to the internet has done in the last 20 years the future of cryptocurrency is very bright.

So let's go through some reasons why now is a great time to invest and what we can except going forward in the couple, before I get started one thing I want to mention is that to protect yourself from markets moves and to be more intelligent investor and trader you need to understand how to read the market.

Reasons To Invest In Cryptocurrency

1. Price Action : Now as we saw many cryptocurrency investors became complacent as the significant cryptocurrencies moved higher month after month no matter how bullish a market prices will never continue to go higher forever you'll see sell-offs even during a bull market simply put sell offs are part and parcel of how markets really work just like in healthy market buyers will come back with a vengeance.

2. The Changing Face Of Money : Money is already mostly digital it's not much of a leap to imagine paper currency becoming obsolete pretty soon every time you use a credit card use PayPal send a bank via you are just sending digital information so it's a logical next step that money will morph into a 100% digital form cryptocurrencies.

3. Cryptocurrency Is Not A Financial Bubble : Of course the naysayers are gonna compare Bitcoin to tulips or beanie babies and make no mistake bubbles do exist in many of the cryptocurrencies presently flooding the market but the thing is cryptocurrency is an asset class that is here to stay unlike tulips or beanie babies cryptocurrency solves many vexing issues ans is part of an irreversible social and economic shift in other words world changing forces like globalization the internet and the ever-increasing connections of everything.

4. Widespread Acceptance : These days it's seems we're getting more and more news about real world acceptance of cryptocurrency massive institutions looking to use it massive exchanges looking to trade it this combined with the continued progress towards scalability and usability leaves no question in my mind  that the overall trend is towards the mainstreaming of the once underground world of cryptocurrency.

5. Security : Now barely a day goes by without news of a data breach or theft cyber security is a major issue of the 21st century and blockchain technology is an apparent solution to the multiple flaws in the current paradigm no matter how sophisticated the method of protecting data hackers always seem to find way to break in the blockchain.

6. Regulation Is On Its Way

7. Crypto Trading Is Open 24/7/365

8. Traditional Investments Get Riskier And Growth Margins Grow Thinner

9. Smart Investors Diversify Themselves

10. The Crypto Market Is Bearish

11. The Institutional Crypto Buy-In Has Been Phenomenal

12. Bitcoin Has Proven It Is Reliable And That It Can Scale

13. Lightning Strikes

14. Global Economy Instability / Exploding Debt

15. The Battle For Censorship-Resistant Money

16. The Halvening Of 2020

17. Market Sentiment Is Low And That Is The Time To Be Bold

Source:- Readysetcrypto

Get more details on all this reasons due to which your point of view will change on present cryptocurrency market. Always stay positive in this situation and have a persistence in life which will take towards the success. 

Share your thoughts on the subject in the comments section below.

Regards, @majestyman 



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