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RE: LitePay fails to launch

in #cryptocurrency6 years ago

It's slightly dissapointing news, but managed in a VERY bad and amateur way. No heads up before launch date, waiting until last minute, blaming others but not self (surely they anticipated issues).

It was a very 'damp' email they sent, one that tells the customer - "we dont care about you enough, or we are too rookie, to give you a profesdional explanation and a revised plan". Lost a lot of good will there.


Now it actually looks more like a scam than anything else:

  • lots of hype and huge promises for 2 months
  • zero communication days before release (they had to know no debit cards will be issued) - red flag
  • drives price of LTC from ~0.019 -> ~0.024 in week or so
  • on release date website still in beta, almost no details there
  • big dump hour or two before "release"
  • signups open for merchants only (not even their sign up is functioning as it should)

If its not a scam, than its just highly unprofessional, poorly managed company, and i cant imagine how it could succeed, let alone help LTC (and cryptos) gain mass adoption.

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