[dtube] Thoughts on Potential EOS Flippening of Ethereum

in cryptocurrency •  8 months ago

Darren Connelly asks "what about future EOS flippening of ETH? Extremely hypothetical as it's not even launched properly yet, but what do you think? DO A VIDEO :)"

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. I am just offering my opinions. I am not responsible for any investment decisions that you choose to make.

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ultimately it depends on the vision and innovation in those communities. I believe in Vitalik and the engineers there.

Long term, maybe. Same as with Steem against normal social networks. Even if the projects are super great, unless they have a huge backing, the economic background of monopolies tends to rule over the short-term success of projects.

Your pronunciation of Eos is interesting. I like how words like chaos and eos are pronounced in the last syllable. I have to perfect my pronunciation of that phoneme. It has always been hard for me in my unnativeness.

And thanks for this review. Even though certain things are "common sense", they don't really come to mind to untrained minds, and you seem to have a lot of experience in the field.

As you mentioned in your video. I don’t think this is gonna happen. Yes, just to keep up with ETH having made so much progress would be pretty difficult for any EOS. Have you noticed ETH is coming to huge support? I’m ready with my fiat to attack.

In top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization ethereum is second while EOS is six on the charts, ethereum market cap is $38.00b while EOS is $4.55b, ethereum is doing good in coin market, this is one of the cryptocurrency I respected because of there valued and volatility second in coin market capitalization, thank you for this informative video @louisthomas.

Hey Louis, have you ever used Dlive, I hear it doesnt take a slice of your profits, but Dtube does. I dont do a lot of videos, so this is not from personal experience, but something I learned from another Steemian

It will be interesting to see how much established infrastructure and first mover advantage are able to support ETH and other large cap cryptos long term. My concern is that the huge number of new tokens and coins will dilute the market, so that even if the total crypto market cap increases, the value of each coin/token decreases. It appears promising that many coins are holding their market share relatively well, including BTC, ETH, LTC, etc.

I agree, it'll be very hard for any Ethereum competitor to beat Ethereum at this point. But I do see a Windows vs. Mac type of future between Ethereum and one other large competitor.


That's a good analogy, but until Ethereum migrates to POS, I think EOS is going to have a massive head start with regard to capturing enterprise developer support. Currently, Ethereum is simply too slow to develop large scale DAPPs. This website tracks blockchain capacity and Ethereum is almost always at 100% capacity: https://www.blocktivity.info/


Good point about enterprise developer support. The same goes for a lot of DAG projects that claim to be horizontally scalable.

I own only EOS and not ethereum

Great video Louis but any idea how ethereum will solve its scalability problem.

Very informative content. Thanks for sharing.

I enjoyed your analysis, but I have to disagree. Although there may be a space for both to exist simultaneously, Ethereum doesn't offer a platform for enterprise developers. Will this be solved as Ethereum migrates to POS, possibly, but EOS is moving quickly and has a war chest of capital, being deployed by legitimate venture capital firms to develop DAPP's on the EOS blockchain. If market cap is important to you, I think it is also worth exploring the spread between Ethereum and EOS. Currently, EOS is trading at an all-time high to Ether - a telling sign of where people are putting their money.


Ethereum won't migrate fully to PoS untill 2019 earliest. EOS will be launched in 3 months at 10k tps single threaded, DPoS consensus. Any backing right now doesn't mean much, its all a bubble, its really anyone's game. The tech, the innovation, and most importantly the END USER EXPERIENCE will win in the end.

Ethereum maybe more popular now, but the everyday person doesn't know the difference between any of this stuff. By the time they start using decentralized apps in the real world, they won't even know what hit them. The corporate backing in Ethereum may be strong now, but isnt the whole point of decentralized to disrupt large corporations anyway? Was steemit built on Ethereum? Was dtube built on Ethereum? Cryptokitties was built on Ethereum. EOS will be the only platform powerful enough to run dapps of dtube/steemit size and (much much) larger. Also, you can port any Ethereum dapp over to EOS, you can't port EOS dapps to Ethereum. It's like a lambo racing a tricycle. That being said, since EOS will definitely have its own adoption troubles, but that's where us as the community will have to pick up the slack and actually come through by developing class A dapps.

Hmm propably won't happen in this year but in next 2-5 years im not that sure. Good video as allways.

Nice post you, i see read and enjoy, thanks for sharing.

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Important publications I will follow up

Thomas you really don't get it, do your due diligence!! EOS will eat Ethereum raw. (I don't own any EOS because Bitcoin (BTC) is the most safest investment in crypto).

Any smart contract deployed on ETH can easily be deployed to EOS. If EOS delivers on superior governance and people want to take power away from the communists running ETH (I do), then it is likely that EOS will eat ETH's pie. If interchain connectivity is delivered by EOS, then there is no reason for people to continue to develop on ETH.

At a NYC hackathon 86% of programmers chose to work on Ethereum over Bitcoin. I now hope that when they see EOS, the same will happen :-)

Just come across this blog now and wanted to say I enjoyed it.

Cheers mate, see you around! 😎