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RE: Just got done watching CNBC's Fast Money, and one thing in particular stuck out...

in #cryptocurrency4 years ago

@jrvornel I think Coinbase are having a really hard time handling their traffic right now. Taking too long to respond to messages or verify accounts. Hope this ends soon. Bitstamp is facing kind of the same problems right now as well.


Yep, they are adding anywhere from 100k to 300k new accounts PER DAY right now. Most anyone have trouble handling that kind of growth. I think they will make the appropriate adjustments in the coming weeks. :)

@jrcornel Can't blame them! I'm just a little impatient!

As long as the cryptos keep pumping, the crowd keeps coming and Coinbase just can't keep up. They need the power of a decentralized system to cope :-)

@cryptojaxx They need Steem ;)

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