Edward Snowden discusses why the TELEGRAM App is unsecure

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As an avid user of the telegram app (specifically with my LATIUM usage), I found this to be an interesting analysis on twitter. Also, check out the LATIUM cryptocurrency.

For those that use the TELEGRAM app, check out this discussion by Snowden on Twitter:

Many don't seem to understand why I object to @Telegram having unsafe, censorable public channels in an app that is promoted as a secure messenger. Some presumed I just don't understand how channels work. So let's talk about it:

Background: @Telegram has a special position in Iran. Its "public channels" are an important source of news for many low-tech users. Competing services are often blocked, but Telegram makes concessions to avoid this like setting up local CDNs

This is both a good and bad thing. On one hand, keeping people who don't understand and will never learn what Tor and VPNs connected to a big and difficult-to-moderate communications ecosystem is valuable, when the government largely has but two moves: "block" or "not block."

On the other, it means @Telegram will face increasing pressure over time to collaborate with the Iranian government's demands for this or that. Today we saw the communications minister demand a big channel be shut down. And here's where we start getting into complexity.

What are your thoughts on TELEGRAM specifically, or chat technology in general? I typically don't trust any 'security' claim. Is there anyway to make chat interfaces secure? It is a problem that doesn't seem like it can be solved with a decentralized blockchain...


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I personally use keybase.

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