It's a Horrible time to Buy Bitcoin, but Perfect for this Cryptocurrency

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There are many problems with cryptocurrencies. That is all starting to change.

One criticism of cryptocurrencies is their highly speculative nature which has a roller coaster effect on their market value. Extreme returns can be met with losses just as quickly. Determining the true value of a cryptocurrency is extremely difficult to ponder, especially if the crypto doesn't have any clear legitimate use in the real world.

There are also barriers to entry in the public's adoption of cryptocurrencies. It takes savvy to understand blockchain technology, research and select an appropriate online wallet, use private posting keys, etc. It's amazing how few crypto-investors have ever even read a white paper.

The Latium Platform solves for these valuation and these barriers of entry by creating an easy to use market place where anyone willing to complete a task is rewarded with LATX tokens based on smart contracts.

Think of the emergence of the 'gig economy' since the recession of 2008. Services like Uber, Lyft, AirBNB, Fiver, Upwork and others have connected those who want services to those who can provide it worldwide. No longer is employment limited to a local or state employee pool.

The Latium Team will be releasing the Alpha version of the Latium Platform Friday, December 29th, 2017. Even though many who aren't crypto-savvy won't be purchasing tokens outright, they will be able to create a Latium account and receive crypto from completing tasks.

By implementing a smart contract-based, global reputation system, Latium aims to disrupt the multi-billion global labor market through the blockchain and make the employer-employee relationship more transparent. ​

The Latium platform can be used for task creation, meaning that anyone needing a task completed (logo design, ride-share, assassination) can now use LATX to pay for the labor. This gives LATX an intrinsic value within the system rather than the purely speculative value given to most cryptocurrencies and tokens.

This platform will also integrate a reputation system which will make the entire employee/employer relationship much more transparent while also filtering out spam and unwanted content.

Of note, John McAfee, Founder of McAfee Anti-Virus, has joined the Latium team in an advisory role.

I foresee a couple results in this use of blockchain technology.

  1. Lower unemployment rate
  2. Higher level of efficiency in output for platforms like social media sites and apps
  3. Reduction in the rate of spamming in community driven platforms
  4. Most importantly, the widespread adoption of LATX as it is more utilized in commerce by common-folk.

Go check out Latium's platform and get in on their token sale while they are still offering bonuses!

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This is scary, soon enough Cryptocurrencies will replace all the money in the world and we will be cashless. I totally understand young generation, we are quick to adopt but what will happen to Baby Boomers generation and older? That is a question.

Latium right?? nice name... I'll keep on eye with this currency also.. how it will be??

I bought the bare minimum to get the bonus tokens, about $620 USD worth.

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