Leviar now is 0.00002100 satoshis, so from 1 time you can get 0.5 = 1050 Satoshis
You are right that's more than most of faucets give, but with this particular I've mentioned you can get easily 1000 satoshis or even more a day

1000 satoshis/day. Not 24k satoshis/day :)

Yes, but with BTC this faucet as long as you get 1000 satoshi - you can withdraw it to your Faucethub account.

And you have a limit to get to 50, so the person should do 100 clicks.
May be you can do easier faucet like which will give may be less, but will give amount instantly.

By the way KARBO faucet is giving very small amounts, I just go there because I like this crypto-currency.

But anyway all Faucets are waste of time, usually people can do something more useful and efficient.
I just discover and test them to get more new people into cryptocurrency world.

You have Wallet client similar to Karbo Wallet?

What I mean is that clicking 100 times is demotivating. If I could make 1-2 Leviarcoin instantly or in a day - that would be more reason to try it. But imaging you'll need to keep visiting site 100 times - the only idea about it is demotivating))

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