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LeviarCoin is an open-source, secure, private and anonymous currency, based on CryptoNote technology, join the revolution of In-app purchases.


Giveaway: 0.5 XLC / hour - Minimum payout 50 XLC (every Monday)

  1. Type your wallet address:
  2. Slide to validate captcha:
  3. Claim FREE XLC!:

Exchanges (listing soon)

  • Cryptopia
  • NovaExchange
  • HitBTC
  • AlcurEX


  • DarkMine Pool

  • Dr. Lecter Pool

  • hualei_hb Pool (Chinese)

Follow Us

Steem: https://steemit.com/@leviarcoin
Blog (medium): https://medium.com/@leviarcoin_fdn
Twitter: https://twitter.com/leviarcoin_fdn

Useful Links

Website: https://leviarcoin.org
Project: https://leviarcoin.org/project
BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1847322

Thank you


Finally got my wallet running! Resteemed

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Useful info. Thanks for sharing.

please tell me site where download wallet

Well, that's not a giveaway, you just propose to click faucet many times till you get 50 coins

That's not the best faucet I've seen, i.e. this one is much better http://flodner.com/best-bitcoin-faucet-that-pays-wapserv/

But the coin reminded me Karbowanec, about which I recently made review and posted to DTUBE https://dtube.video/v/flodner/didvah55

That's the same technology and interesting that price for coin is also close

BTC faucets gives only few satoshis :| not worth the time spent

Leviar now is 0.00002100 satoshis, so from 1 time you can get 0.5 = 1050 Satoshis
You are right that's more than most of faucets give, but with this particular I've mentioned you can get easily 1000 satoshis or even more a day

1000 satoshis/day. Not 24k satoshis/day :)

Yes, but with BTC this faucet as long as you get 1000 satoshi - you can withdraw it to your Faucethub account.

And you have a limit to get to 50, so the person should do 100 clicks.
May be you can do easier faucet like http://faucet.karbowanec.com/ which will give may be less, but will give amount instantly.

By the way KARBO faucet is giving very small amounts, I just go there because I like this crypto-currency.

But anyway all Faucets are waste of time, usually people can do something more useful and efficient.
I just discover and test them to get more new people into cryptocurrency world.

You have Wallet client similar to Karbo Wallet?

What I mean is that clicking 100 times is demotivating. If I could make 1-2 Leviarcoin instantly or in a day - that would be more reason to try it. But imaging you'll need to keep visiting site 100 times - the only idea about it is demotivating))