Possible ICO Scam with Chainlink

in cryptocurrency •  last year


I try to do my due diligence in regards to ICOs. I was suspicious about Chainlink and as it turns out they are scamming investors.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 5.41.54 PM.png

This is the page you should be getting now

If you wonder how I got the first picture from above all you have to do is change the date of your computer to tomorrow and refresh the page https://link.smartcontract.com which is the official page of the ico. They either got most of the funds from previous investors or they are trying to create a hype for their product by displaying false statistics once the ICO kicks of in about 23 minutes.

I would love to have an explanation from the team but as we all know the communication channels in most ICO's are limited to non-existent. As Vitalik said "We are in an ico Bubble" so we better have our eyes open at all times.

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