Noob Needs Help, I think I'm almost there, I just need a little community!

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If you're reading this, I wont take up much of your time. 

I'm a college student, and a waitress, and I've always been good with money.

 I have a little cash set aside I want to use to dip my toes into trading.....where the ladies at right?

I'm almost ready to buy in.....I'm interested in monero, steem, and bitcoin.

I get the basics of how to use Kraken and Poloniex to buy and sell....

But buying in can be tricky.

For example, if you google Coinbase, you will find plenty of people insisting it's a scam? 

The risk of linking your personal banking account could be dangerous, but also steemit users have recommended against using paypal?

If I buy currency on something like coinbase, do I need to establish a wallet to get the currency onto Kraken?

There is so much debate over the best wallets too?

You guys I'm almost there, any additional help before I buy in today would be huge. 

I follow all the right youtube channels, podcasts, steemit accounts. I think If I could get my foot in the door, I might be able to make some smart moves.

I appreciate you all, and took forward to giving my own advice some day !

Kristie <3


Hi @krisy, if you want to have some voices to fill you in on this... You can go to There are some day traders in there, plus a lot of people like you who wanted to get into bitcoin and trading. You can ask questions in the chat or preferably ask questions through the voice channel.

thank you so sincerely, this is an amazing resource. I'm really looking forward to exploring this site!

Also suggest steemspeak as numerous people in the steemit community help each other with trading there. :)

Yes @kristy, @steemspeak is absolutely a great place to be. We trade at From Monday to Friday 9AM London-Time to 4PM New-York Time live on SteemSpeak. See you there!

For example, if you google Coinbase, you will find plenty of people insisting it's a scam?

It seems like everyone calls everything a scam in crypto lately.

To be fair there have been a lot of scams, but if you do some re-search and read around a bit more you start to realize the difference between real block-chain startups and scams.

Coinbase has been a legit exchange for many years, I would recommend using it. Others I would recommend are Kraken, Gemini and Poloniex, the last one is crypto to crypto only. (if you don't count in Tether)

As a safe wallet I would use and for Steem your own personal Steemit account and make sure the password is safe and hidden. :)

Welcome and good luck with trading! I'd recommend checking out @ozchartart's blogs for indicators or interesting currencies who might or might not be on the move. :)

this was amazing, thank you so much!!! that chart is so handy, I really appreciate this!

Hi Kristie, welcome to Steemit.

First of all, what is your objective here? Are you looking at a long term investment? If so, Coinbase and Kraken are just places to buy, not to store your money. Both are perfectly fine for buying, I tend to use Kraken and it has both Bitcoin and Monero available. Steem is only available on Poloniex, Bittrex and Blocktrades though.

I signed up for Coinbase about 2 years ago so I don't know if all I'm about to say is still relevant.

First, they are not a scam. Second, you can use Coinbase anonymously if you only want to use it solely as a bitcoin wallet provider. But, if you're going to be buying/selling bitcoins via their website, you will need to provide personal info.

If I buy bitcoins on Coinbase I usually immediately send it to my wallet once it becomes available. This is because Coinbase can freeze/close your account if they ever wanted to, so I don't take that chance.

thank you, the time you took to respond will go a long way for me, I appreciate it. Coinbase is really user friendly I wanted to use this

I don't know the answers to those questions but I bet someone will.

If you have more questions you can't find the answers to, feel free to drop by on! the #welcome and #help channels are very active currently! :)

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did u end up buying?????? i mean five months ago??? u could have bough monero for so cheap! and u could have boughttons of steem at $0.20 !!! u should always always always store your steem in your ownsteemit account and power up with it! why ever ever hold steem when u have a steemit account? u can keep it long term by powering it up! u can always power down and get it out only 14 weeks or 3.5 months