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All of us love to simplify our lives and our businesses as much as possible. Spending time on any unnecessarily complicated work that could be done more efficient, faster and easier can be frustrating. If the case is that you are not just losing your time, but also your money than it is clear that you need to find a better solution. We can see through the recent history that all projects or products based on One Shop Stop, Under One Roof, User-Friendly, One-Click solutions usually become widely accepted and highly profitable.

When we look at the cryptocurrencies and whole blockchain industry, there are many areas of business that are still too complicated and in need of a better solution. This is understandable knowing that whole blockchain market is less than a decade old, but the time has come for things to change. Traders and investors are looking for platforms that will allow them all in one solution for trading, managing and transferring their cryptocurrencies and their fiat money. INGOTproject is offering not just that, but much more.

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INGOT Group was established in 1993. Today they are using more than 25 years of experience gained in financial markets to develop their new groundbreaking blockchain based project. The main goal behind INGOT is to create a universal trading ecosystem that will enable traders access to all financial services under one roof. The INGOT platform is composed of several main components: Digital Bank, Universal Wallet, Brokerage, Exchange, Certifier and also ICO Accelerator. For all details about every one of these INGOT components please read their WHITEPAPER.

All segments of INGOT project are being developed to unite services from cryptocurrency and fiat world and ensure investors and traders One Shop Stop solution for all their financial needs. With INGOT ecosystem investors and traders will be able to diversify their portfolios through many different markets and have an opportunity to invest in numerous projects all over the world in easy, simple and reliable manner. Use of blockchain technology and smart contracts will exclude all middlemen services from the trading process and make it much faster and less expensive for the end user.
According to INGOT roadmap, the whole project will be fully developed through next two years. This is the usual timeframe for a project of this size and magnitude and development of all INGOT components will depend on funds gathered through their ICO.

INGOT Project is developed and backed up by an impressive team of experts from trading, banking and other business branches. More information about INGOT team and their Advisory board you can find HERE.

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At this moments there is Pre ICO process going LIVE with 30% bonus on the purchase of IC tokens. INGOT IC tokens will have dual usage and serve as both utility and security tokens. The maximum amount of issued token is 120 million, and all unsold tokens will be burned after the end of ICO process. INGOT team decided to put Soft Cap at $37 Million, while Hard Cap is $90 Million. For all available sale discounts and other project information, I encourage you to contact INGOT team members on their TELEGRAM CHANNEL directly.

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wow...established on 1993....this project is interesting

Team has a great business expirience...

I am sure they have

Everyone is expecting something easy and fast, it is definitely up to the service of trading cryptocurrency.hopefully INGOTproject can be relied upon as a solution.
thanks information @kriptonoob

We will see that in a near future... But there is a great potential in this project.

Great solution and technical explanation about crypto currencies...
Your content is very essential for crypto traders for their trading and crypto holders for their investing... Thanks for your valuable content..@kriptonoob

Interesting information is to unite everything so that it is convenient for people. But this is only a project ... Many projects are being implemented very quickly.
We must learn to use it faster ...

Thanks sir @kriptonoob for the details about the valuable INGOT blockchain based platform. I think it will be a profitable platform as we invest here. Blockchain based all platform are very profitable and a safe source for investing.

Friendly all in one investment project 😃

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That was a long way for the company ans it seems solid. With so much business history it can be worth of investing.

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