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My uncle spent his working career on the sea, working on the merchant ships. He started as a simple sailor, but after graduating on the naval academy, he finished his career as a captain of an oil tanker. I will always remember interesting sailing stories that he was telling us when he was on the land. Some of them where typical sailors stories about high seas, courage, tattoos, too much alcohol and falling in love in every harbor, while others were pure fiction. He would often talk about pirates, giant squids, and even getting lost in a Bermuda triangle. He was starting his naval career in the 70s, and it was interesting to listen to how his work was changing together with a whole industry as technology progressed over three decades. We usually don't think about the fact that merchant ships are the backbone of the world's trade, but they are by far the most efficient way of cargo transportation.

When my uncle started his career, an average speed of the ship was pretty much the same as at the end of his career, thirty years later. What drastically changed was a speed of disembarkation of the ship's cargo. In the 70s it would not be strange for sailors to spend few weeks in a port while cargo is taken off the ship manually, while today the same process usually takes just one afternoon. It is not hard to imagine how much more fun the sailors in the past had and how less efficient shipping industry was. As a captain at the end of his career, he was always complaining about two things; tons of boring paperwork and cash payments for which he was often responsible. Those two issues are giving big headaches to the shipping companies even today. Ship officers spend more time dealing with different kind of documentation than doing any other job on the ship, while cash payments often lead to big loses in money and time.

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To resolve this, we need an easy to use, fast, reliable, secure, and fully traceable universal world's solution; we need OEL FOUNDATION.

To get introduced into the basic idea behind OEL Foundation I encourage you to read this ARTICLE.

In today's article, I would like to tell you more about why I see OEL project as a promising mid-long term investment.


The Open Enterprise Logistics (OEL) Foundation team is aiming high with this project. They are already merging all important names from the transport, supply, and logistics industry with a final goal to provide them with a platform that will make their jobs simpler and create savings at the same time. If OEL team delivers everything from their roadmap, we can expect that this project will change the face of logistics and transportation and become a new industry standard. OEL will introduce blockchain technology into the business of all OEL ALLIANCE members. With OEL team experience and connections that they already gain by developing and successfully leading OPENPORT project, it is easy to understand why it is expected that OEL Alliance will grow fast and become an important part of the logistic ecosystem in the near future.

OEL team decided to get funds for their future development, marketing, and expansion through ICO process in which they will create OPN Tokens. OPN presents a major component of the OEL ecosystem and has an irreplaceable role in the execution of smart contracts, micro rewarding, staking and also as an entering ticket into the OEL ecosystem. OEL plans to conduct two token sales. First one will take place in Q3 of this year and the second one will be opened in Q2/Q3 2019 after OEL Foundation main net is fully launched. To get all basic information about OEL tokenomics check:

Screenshot 2018-07-03 10.09.58.jpg

OEL is not just one more cryptocurrency ICO with the goal to take money from the investors and disappear from the market. It is a well thought and planned project developed by a team of experts with extensive knowledge, connections, and experience in the shipping and logistics industry. I encourage you to keep this project on your radar, make deeper due diligence starting with OEL WHITEPAPER
and possibly make an investing decision after calculating all risks and benefits.

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very good project

The OEL Foundation’s solutions are also designed in a such a way that benefits the transport industry as a whole instead of only benefiting one or two major companies.

That is one of the reasons what makes them so unique and possibly very big and successful...

Of course, merchant ships are an efficient way of cargo transportation. When you wrote lots of paperwork and cash payments, immediately Blockchain tech. came to my mind and bam, the next paragraph was about that. Great project. Hope this will help the industry alot.

It has a great chance to do so...

This is very impressive. OEL will be a great medium to develop the marine activities and solve more problems that has to do with shipping.

Nice write up, I love the way you constructed your article starting from your uncle activities as a mariner. Keep it up. 💗

I am so glad you like my article Hardaeborla

You are very welcome 😁

please tell me there is an airdrop associated with this for ERC-20 and I don't care how long the list of tasks are I'll do them all :)

I am not sure if there is an airdrop at this moment... But there are two upcoming token sales so we can expect them in the next months.

@kriptonoob its very nice sir

Nice article , I am extramly bullish on OEL. I also wrote an article on this, please check it out and let me know what you think of it in the comments https://steemit.com/blockchain/@cryptoguru1/open-enterprise-logistics-oel-foundation-a-revolutionary-new-ecosystem-in-the-blockchain-sphere

OEL Foundation one of the best project in transport logistic. I belive this team!

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